Questions in addition to Comments? Translating Change in Postcolonial Poetry in addition to Prose: The Rewriting of Francophone Senegalese Women?s Literature in English


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Questions in addition to Comments? Translating Change in Postcolonial Poetry in addition to Prose: The Rewriting of Francophone Senegalese Women?s Literature in English

Cleveland State University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Translating Change in Postcolonial Poetry in addition to Prose: The Rewriting of Francophone Senegalese Women?s Literature in English Georgina Collins 20 November 2009 ?.nous sommes dans une soci‚t‚ s‚n‚galaise en pleine mutation.par rapport … ses valeurs traditionnelles, par rapport … sa perception de l?avenir. (Benga, Personal 4-5) Societal change so that investigate the genre?s development in the context of historical in addition to societal revolutionÿ so that analyse change in addition to its relation so that translation so that define tradition in addition to modernity so that find out how female Senegalese writers are influenced by traditional in addition to modern values so that demonstrate the importance of cultural research in consideration of the translator of Francophone Senegalese women?s works Objectives

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Key themes a culture of change power in addition to gender hybridity, mediation in addition to local languages the influence of orature Resources source texts theories in addition to models primary research Situating this paper in my thesis ?Chaque ‚crivain change le langage qu?il re‡oit en naissant mais le conserve et le perp‚tue dans l?irr‚alit‚ du monde et du temps, l?‚crivain fait plus qu?inventer, il d‚couvre? (Mback‚, Litt‚rature 205). Manipulation of language conflict between Western in addition to ?traditional? norms/values new influences European contact internal development new technologies globalisation traditional societies (Kwame Gyekye) change in inherent beliefs/practices over time independent of Western influence Change in Senegal

Senegalese women writers represent a female social reality vocabulary in addition to grammar used so that translate everyday Senegalese life if change is happening in reality it is happening on the page an understanding of cultural change can assist the translator in comprehending the true meaning of texts she is translating Literary representations of change a writer is the product of a particular culture / moment in time (Bassnett, Taking 136) texts are embedded in source text cultures analysis of specific cultures in addition to texts, in addition to engagement alongside values of those texts the writer?s culture or tradition acts as a metatext which is rewritten in the act of literary creation (Tymockzo, Post-colonial 21) the translator must be aware of this metatext Language in addition to Culture ?.feminine identity in francophone African women?s writing is initially expressed as a tension between the two apparently contradictory poles of ?modernity? in addition to ?tradition?, poles which often become translated as an opposition between the individual in addition to the community? (Hitchcott, Women 153) Feminine identity

Overview Outline Outline Outline

blurred line between tradition in addition to modernity modernity: Western ideology a cultural phenomenon based on moral values which may not be attractive the world over African societies were not isolated before Western contact ?Which modernity? Whose tradition?? (Gyekye) so that translate without changing the writer?s viewpoint / philosophy, the ?rewriter? should remain unbiased in her values in addition to beliefs Tradition in addition to modernity jokes travel badly emotion is culture-bound the translator must create ?equivalent effect? humour is constantly changing, always current trial humour alongside Francophone / Anglophone audiences translation as a search in consideration of perfection Translating humour Wolof societies in Senegal have adapted so that survive imitation of the behaviour of the colonisers the ?Super Coof? ? a model man idealised by society modified behaviour in addition to values are reflected in language people also call upon deeply rooted beliefs in addition to traditions the ?Super Coof? ? a hybrid symbol of changing cultures in addition to language Translating culture

writers go so that great lengths so that accurately represent real life in their works so that these writers, understanding a culture?s essence or spirit is important if featured in a text the translator as rewriter (Lefevere, Translation; LotbiniŠre-Harwood, Body; Helgason, Rewriting) if the translator is ?rewriter? shouldn?t she put in as much ?effort? as the writer of the ?source text?? The translator as rewriter understanding present-day cultural realities assists in the translational intricacies of a text many cultural elements are founded upon notions of change, modernity in addition to tradition translators must research multiple cultures or risk missing out on / mistranslating elements of a text writers? inspiration – from both ancestors in addition to the education of the colonisers their identities are expressed through a unique language identified in many Senegalese works Language in addition to culture Conclusions change is due so that both Western in addition to non-Western influences we need so that place the texts we study in consideration of translation in context writers research extensively – the translator should do the same writing is expressed through a tension between tradition in addition to modernity new forms of writing account in consideration of changing cultural realities, alternate expressions in addition to beliefs lack of research – miss crucial cultural component

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