Rate of return so that tenure Summary of Results (Z?s) Summary of Results (X?s)



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Rate of return so that tenure Summary of Results (Z?s) Summary of Results (X?s)

Dordt College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Notice R2 in addition to compare so that FE in next regression Areg constructs within Panel means rather than Estimate LSDV model ID is the variable That identifies Groups in consideration of Fixed-effects Data must Be sorted by ID Number of groups (N in class notation) Big jump in R2 To estimate fixed in addition to random effect models, You must defined the dimension of the daya

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This the R2 after within panel Means have been subtracted How much variation is left in consideration of you To explain? Notice the Z?s have been Dropped from the analysis Store the fixed-effects estimates so that be used in Construction of the Hausman test Slightly lower R2 than in the OLS model Group information .3782/(.3782+.2342) Most of the variance is between group, not within

Ask in consideration of Hausman test after the RE model is estimated Test statistic P-value Easily reject null in this case Get between group estimates Summary of Results (X?s)


Summary of Results (Z?s) Rate of return so that tenure Yit =?0 + Eit ?1 + Eit2 ?2 + Tit ?3 + Tit2 ?4 + Unionit ?5 + EDUCi ?1 + Blacki ?2 + ?it dY/dT = ?3 + 2 Tit ?4 Return so that tenure OLS FE RE 5 years 0.0232 0.0128 0.0255 10 years 0.0157 0.0078 0.0170 20 years 0.0007 -0.0022 0.0000

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