Ray Way Alberto Navarro The economic activity that is not taxed, monitored, or r

Ray Way Alberto Navarro The economic activity that is not taxed, monitored, or r www.phwiki.com

Ray Way Alberto Navarro The economic activity that is not taxed, monitored, or r

Larsen, Debby, Home and Garden Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Ray Way Alberto Navarro The economic activity that is not taxed, monitored, or regulated by the government. In as long as mal sector jobs are generally low-wage in addition to low-productivity work. These jobs include: Food Vendors Street Show Entertainers Garbage Collectors Psychics Taxi Drivers Fruit in addition to Vegetable Barbers Vendors Recycling

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Urbanization: Large numbers of rural residents moving to the cities in search of work. The urban population of Peru in 1960 was 46.8%, by 2005 the figure had reached 74.6%. The as long as mal sector does not provide enough jobs to absorb the inflow of rural-urban migration. The cost of doing business legally is too high The time it takes as long as registering in addition to engaging in production is too long. In “The Other Path,” by Economist Hern in addition to o de Soto, he documented that it took 100 administrative steps in addition to a full year to register a small garment company in Peru. The lack of judicial in addition to legal efficiency increases the size of the in as long as mal sector. Excessive Regulations Filling Excessive Unnecessary Paperwork Obtaining Unnecessary Licenses Having multiple people or committees approve a decision Makes a process longer in addition to tedious

Fictitious Clothing Co. 10x’s bribes were solicited 289 days $1,231 expenses 32 Min. monthly wages Difficult as long as people with modest means to open a small buss. They don’t pay taxes. They don’t follow legal, health, in addition to safety procedures. Although it provides primary or secondary income, In as long as mal work does not contribute to human capital; which is necessary as long as better wages in addition to a modern economy.

75%-80% of those employed in the in as long as mal sector earn less than the poverty level. Can’t request: Municipal Services Utilities Obtain Titles to Property Apply as long as Credit No Legal Recourse to Agreed Contracts When subcontracted they have no rights to: Job Security Vacation Days Minimum Wage Sick Days Personal Days Benefits Provides many services cheaply in addition to efficiently. Many low-income housing is produced in the in as long as mal sector. Save money in addition to time Can be sub-contracted by companies to work as long as them. Women are disproportionately represented in the in as long as mal sector.

http://www.youtube.com/watchv=McSdLTno7tw http://www.youtube.com/watchv=gWf4SvO-5Ww The in as long as mal sector, while not legal in addition to unaccountable to tax collection in addition to government health, safety, social security, in addition to laws, it provides a secondary economy in developing countries in Latin America that helps to reduce unemployment, increase income, in addition to provide goods & services that other wise would cost more legally.

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