Recruitment in consideration of year 2005 Research Projects The observation


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Recruitment in consideration of year 2005 Research Projects The observation

Augustana College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Recruitment in consideration of year 2005 Research Projects The observation of a large magneto-resistance (MR) in spin polarized ferromagnets connected by nano-contacts attracted much attention recently in the scientific community . The effect is commonly known as ?ballistic MR? (BMR), where ?ballistic? refers so that the high velocity of an electron in a nano-contact which is smaller than the mean free path of an electron in addition to forced the electron so that move in a straight trajectory. This BMR effect can enhanced the MR in giant MR (GMR) materials by up so that one or two orders of magnitude. The BMR effect can be applied in magnetic data storage alongside the possibility of increasing data storage density by over a thousand times. In this project, a new technique in consideration of the fabrication of stable magnetic nano-contacts by ion beam etching alongside a monolayer of colloidal spheres used as the mask will be developed in addition to the transport properties of the nano-contact of oxide materials will be studied. Transport properties of oxide nano-contact This project aims so that investigate the microwave properties of magnetic thin films in addition to their application in the development of microwave absorbers in addition to so that develop the characterization methods so that measure complex permittivity in addition to permeability in microwave frequency range. Both ferromagnetic in addition to ferrimagnetic thin films alongside different thicknesses will be studied. The magnetic thin films may be coated on hollow microspheres, in addition to can also be deposited on flexible or rigid substrates. The magnetic thin films deposited on substrates may be granular, continuous, or patterned. The underlying science in controlling the high resistivity, high in-plane uniaxial anisotropy in addition to high permeability at microwave frequency will also be studied. The purpose is so that develop in addition to fabricate new ferromagnetic alloy thin film so that tailor their dielectric in addition to magnetic properties so that fit the design requirements of microwave absorbers. Initially, the study will be concentrated in developing the process technology, the characterization methodology in addition to understanding the underlying science. Later study will concentrate on developing new materials in addition to structures by tailoring the materials properties or patterning the thin film so that meet the need of microwave absorber applications. Study of Magnetic Thin Films in consideration of Development of Microwave Absorbers

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