Research Methods 2002-2006 Research Hypothesis The Theological Exploration of Vocation among Students PTEV Final Conference Lilly Endowment February 9, 2007


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Research Methods 2002-2006 Research Hypothesis The Theological Exploration of Vocation among Students PTEV Final Conference Lilly Endowment February 9, 2007

East Tennessee State University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, The Theological Exploration of Vocation among Students PTEV Final Conference Lilly Endowment February 9, 2007 Cindy Miller-Perrin Don Thompson Pepperdine University Research Hypothesis Vocational Development is the intersection of Faith Development in addition to Identity Development. Vocational Development is significantly correlated alongside both Faith in addition to Identity scores over time. Research Methods 2002-2006 Student Development Faith, Vocation, Identity Surveys (N=300; Response Rate=64%-83%) Interviews (N=150; Response Rate=70%-81%) Autobiographical Writings Vocation Discussion Groups

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Results Identity Development Faith Development Vocational Development Significant Predictors Ego-Identity Status Groups Achievement: exploration in addition to commitment ?It took me a while so that figure it out, but now I really know what I want in consideration of a career.? Moratorium: exploration without commitment ?Religion is confusing so that me right now. I keep changing my views on what is right in addition to wrong in consideration of me.? Foreclosure: no exploration, but commitment ?My parents decided a long time ago what I should go into in consideration of employment in addition to I?m following through alongside their plans.? Diffusion: no exploration or commitment ?I haven?t really considered politics. It just doesn?t excite me much.? Identity Development

Faith Development Measures Faith Development Faith Strength & Importance

NECK MASSES Neck masses – Introduction Neck masses – Children Neck masses – Children Neck masses – Causes Causes – Congenital Causes – Developmental Causes ? Neck space infections Causes ? Salivary gland, Thyroid Management Neck masses – Adults Metastatic neck node ? N3 Neck masses – Epidemiology Neck masses ? History taking Lymph drainage – Neck Neck mass – Levels Levels of the neck Neck masses – Causes Neck mass ? work-up THE MOST ACCEPTABLE TEST TO ESTABLISH THE DIAGNOSIS IS FINE NEEDLE ASPIRATION CYTOLOGY Neck masses – Cytology Neck masses – Cytology Neck mass ? Cytology (cont) Neck masses – Summary

Vocational Discernment in addition to Action Vocational Development Career Choice

Vocational Barriers Vocational Barriers Personal Barriers

Best Predictors of Vocational Maturity Faith Maturity Diffusion & Moratorium Ego-Identity Scores Personal Barriers Vocational Maturity Conclusions Students experience significant developmental variation over time Strength of faith belief Faith behavior Identity development The sophomore year is a particularly critical milestone Strong Relationship Between Vocation in addition to Faith Strong Relationship Between Vocation in addition to Moratorium & Diffusion Identities Students Perceive Particular Barriers so that Vocational Development Emotional problems Selfishness Need in consideration of personal control Importance of Examining Gender Differences in terms of Faith Development in addition to Vocational Barriers Programmatic Predictors of Vocational Development Mentoring Selected Readings Autobiographical Reflection International Program Experience Barriers

Lessons & Opportunities in consideration of Nurturing Student Development at Christian Universities Engender faith growth ? mentoring, spiritual nourishment, challenges Promote self-discovery ? leading so that achieved identity ? reflective experiences ? summation as well as formation Respect the barriers Understand dynamics of gender Capitalize on opportunities in consideration of impact in the sophomore year ? especially International Experiences Final Details We found gender differences alongside regard so that faith, barriers, in addition to service, but not discernment.ÿ All three subscales of faith (strength of belief, faith application, in addition to faith behavior) are related so that both vocational discernment in addition to vocation as service (with just a few exceptions) in consideration of each of the assessment time periods (baseline, first-year, sophomore, junior, senior).ÿ Identity is also related, pretty strongly, but slightly less consistently across assessment time periods in addition to only alongside vocational discernment, not vocation as service.ÿ The significant relationships seem so that be between moratorium scores in addition to diffusion scores in addition to the relationship is negative (higher moratorium in addition to higher diffusion scores are related so that lower vocational discernment).ÿ Barriers (personal in particular) are also fairly consistently negatively related so that vocational discernmentÿ(but not vocation as service) in consideration of most assessment time periods.ÿ

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