Robotic Football Group E1 Jesse Brawer Zach Eberbach Rob Mineo Laura Pevele


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Robotic Football Group E1 Jesse Brawer Zach Eberbach Rob Mineo Laura Pevele

California Institute of the Arts, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Robotic Football Group E1 Jesse Brawer Zach Eberbach Rob Mineo Laura Peveler Susan Sinclair Introduction Project Definition: Develop a Robotic Football Competition in addition to produce a proof-of-concept prototype. Our Focus: Prototype a quarterback in addition to a receiver in order so that complete an offensive passing play. Today?s Discussion: Electronics, Trade Studies, Prototyping. Previous Week?s Action Items Item 1: Purchase Electronic Components Second Mini-Max/PIC board. DC Motors in addition to Capacitor (Jameco). Infrared Interrupter. Use H-Bridges from ISALL kits. Still need so that decide on a speed controller.

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Previous Week?s Action Items Item 2: Complete Trade Studies Conclusive results detailed in a report. Apply so that robot design: Velcro Pad Size. Wheel Encoders. Quarterback Arm. Current Status of Concept Status of the Design Prototype Development: Virtual Model. Electronic Circuitry. Currently on-schedule. Minor show stopper: Electronic Components in shipping process. Current Graphic

Next Week?s Action Items Item 1: Design Circuitry Quarterback: Throwing Arm. (DC motor coupled alongside capacitor) Turning Base. (DC motor alongside switches) Receiver: Wheel Encoders. (Infrared interrupter) Next Week?s Action Items Item 2: Develop CAD drawings Decide on detailed dimensions in consideration of CAD models. Begin designing 3-D model in consideration of ALL components alongside proper dimensions. Motors, SMART board, switches. Begin selecting sizes in consideration of fasteners. Brackets, screws, washers. Conclusion Important Points: Use trade study results so that purchase remaining required components. CAD model so that be updated so that reflect proper part dimensions. Design circuitry in consideration of purchased electronic components.

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