RTEC-A WK – 12 SPRING 2012 Patient Skills & Communication HUMAN DIVERSITY Pa

RTEC-A WK – 12 SPRING 2012 Patient Skills & Communication HUMAN DIVERSITY  Pa www.phwiki.com

RTEC-A WK – 12 SPRING 2012 Patient Skills & Communication HUMAN DIVERSITY Pa

Swearingen, Jake, Contributing Writer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal RTEC-A WK – 12 SPRING 2012 Patient Skills & Communication HUMAN DIVERSITY Patient Communication Interacting with the patient Interacting with family in addition to friends Methods of Effective Communication Age as a factor in Patient Interactions Radiologic Technologist Helping others Working with people Making a difference Thinking critically Demonstrating creativity Achieving results

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Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Patient Dignity Patients are usually in the lower levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy Must always be remembered in addition to respected Difficult to maintain dignity when ill Why is this important PATIENT NEEDS Altered states of consciousness Environment Fear of unknown Vulnerable Coping Mechanisms

No No’s Referring to a patient as: “the chest in room 2” Always use the patients name! HIPAA Laws – Only discuss what you must know to do your job. Classification of Patients Inpatients Outpatients Family Friends Methods of Communication — — — — — Palpation Professional Appearance Physical Presence Visual Contact

— — Paralanguage Defines all of the audio in as long as mation in a conversation beyond word choice Simply listening to someone’s voice, even if you can’t make out the words, conveys their emotional state

Body Language You could be talking to someone in addition to your body language will convey something else entirely. Make eye contact occasionally you show an interest in that person in addition to in what he or she is saying. A smile sends a positive message. Smiling adds warmth in addition to confidence about you. Arms crossed or folded over your chest say that you have shut other people out in addition to have no interest in them or what they are saying. Placing your arms at your side can make you look in addition to feel confident in addition to relaxed to other people around you. — in addition to – Cycle of Communication

Radiographer’s Responsibility Introduction Explanation of exam In as long as m patient how they will receive their results Risks of examination Rad Tech’s Role in Clinical Hx Extract as much history as possible Radiologists often do not even speak with the patient. Radiologist can be focus on anatomy of interest

Desirable Qualities as long as Establishing Open Dialogue — — — — — Data Collection –: Signs that can be seen –: Perceived by the affected individual Questioning Skills Open-ended questions Facilitation – encourages pt to elaborate Silence – give pt time to remember Probing questions – focus interview, provide more in as long as mation Repetition – rewording, clarifies info Summarization – verifies accuracy

Leading Questions This is an UNDESIRABLE method of questioning. Introduces bias to history Chief Complaint Focuses attention to the single most important issue. Patients often have many complaints Focus on primary reason as long as exam Clinical Indication Tech must collect a focused history. Several elements comprise a “complete history”. Sacred Seven

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Sacred Seven — — — — — — — — Defining exact area of patient complaint Carefully worded questions Palpation as needed — Duration Frequency Course of symptoms

— Color in addition to consistency of fluids Size of bumps in addition to lesions Type of pain Burning, throbbing, dull, sharp, cutting, aching, radiationg, pressure or crushing — Number of bumps or lesions Pain on number scale (1-10) The degree of a burn Onset What was PT doing when illness began Was there an aura be as long as e the migraine

Empathetic Practices Communication Assessment in addition to communication Negotiating Areas of Cultural Diversity related to Health Care Communication Space Time Environmental control Biologic Variations Social organizations

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