Science Tools SCIENCE TOOLS Computer Calculators H in addition to Lens

Science Tools SCIENCE TOOLS Computer Calculators H in addition to Lens

Science Tools SCIENCE TOOLS Computer Calculators H in addition to Lens

Chavira, Ricardo, Faculty Advisor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Science Tools Nature of Science Laboratory Instruments SCIENCE TOOLS To become a successful scientists, we must be able to identify in addition to use scientific instruments or tools. These tools are as long as collecting data, taking measurements, in addition to recording observations. Scientists use a variety of tools to do investigations. Computer An electronic tool that per as long as ms tasks by processing in addition to storing in as long as mation.

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Calculators An electronic device as long as solving mathematics problems H in addition to Lens A tool that magnifies objects or makes objects look larger than they are. Microscope A tool that magnifies at a much higher power than a h in addition to lens. It magnifies smaller objects or makes smaller objects larger.

Telescope A tool used to see objects in the sky. It magnifies or makes objects in the sky larger. Meter Stick A meter tool that is used to measure distance in addition to the length of objects. It tells how long an object is. In science, we use the metric system as long as measuring. Thermometer A tool used to measure temperature. It measures the temperature of air in addition to most liquids. The Greek prefix “therm” means “heat”.

Compass A tool as long as telling directions. It is used to find Earth’s magnetic north pole. Stopwatch A tool used to measure time. Balance A tool used to measure the mass of an object. A balance tells the amount of matter an object contains.

Magnet A magnet attracts in addition to repels substances. It is attracted or pulled to items with iron, nickel, or steel. Collecting Net A tool used to gather animal samples or specimens such as butterflies. Safety Goggles Eyewear that protects the eyes during a science experiment or investigation from hazardous or dangerous materials.

Test Tube A test tube is smaller than a beaker. It is open at one end in addition to closed at the other. It is cylindrical in shape. Beaker An open cylindrical container with a pouring lip. It measures volume or the amount that is being held. Graduated Cylinder

Petri Dish A container used as long as samples or specimens. A tool to culture microorganisms. Hot Plate A tool used to heat objects.

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