Search in addition to Rescue Operations USC C ERT Unit Objectives

Search in addition to Rescue Operations USC C ERT Unit Objectives

Search in addition to Rescue Operations USC C ERT Unit Objectives

Stafford, Rachel, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Search in addition to Rescue OperationsUSC CERTUnit ObjectivesIdentify sizeup requirementsDescribe most common search techniquesUse safe techniques as long as debris removalUse safe techniques as long as victim extricationDescribe ways to protect rescuersSearch in addition to Rescue In a disaster, CERT teams assist with light search & rescueA team may be assigned to search a particular building or areaLIGHT search & rescue = certHeavy rescue (collapsed building) done by USAR professionals

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People trapped after a disaster can survive hours or even days The more quickly they are rescued the better their chance of survivalSearch in addition to Rescue OperationsSearch in addition to Rescue OperationsSearchAssess damage/size-up situationLocate victims.Document location.RescueExtricate victimsTriage/stabilizeMove victimsMark location as searchedGoals Of Search And RescueRescue greatest number in shortest amount of timeRescue walking wounded in addition to lightly trapped victims firstAlways protect rescuer safety

Decision To Attempt RescueRisk involved to the rescuerMost important person is YOU, the rescuer!Greatest good as long as greatest number of peopleSizeupGather FactsAssess DamageConsider ProbabilitiesAssess Your SituationEstablish PrioritiesMake DecisionsDevelop Plan of ActionTake ActionEvaluate ProgressGather factsTime of event in addition to day of the weekConstruction type/terrainOccupancyWeatherHazards

Assess DamageThree levels of damageLight damageModerate damageMajor damageWhen to Search & Rescue:LIGHT DAMAGESuperficial damageBroken windowsFallen or cracked plasterMinor damage to interior contentsFew small hairline cracks

The CERT mission is to locate; triage; treat airway, major bleeding, in addition to shock; continue sizeup; in addition to document.LIGHT DAMAGEMODERATE DAMAGE Substantial damage in many areasMultiple visible cracks in wallsSubstantial damage to interior such asmany toppled furnishings, fallen ceilings

The CERT mission is to locate; treat airway, major bleeding, in addition to shock; evacuate; warn others; continue sizeup while minimizing the number of rescuers in addition to time spent inside the structure.MODERATE DAMAGEMAJOR DAMAGEMajor cracks more than 1/8” in loadbearing wallsMajor damage to loadbearing columns or beamsLarge X-shaped cracks in the building exteriorBuilding leaningPartial collapse

MAJOR DAMAGESecure the building perimeterVocal triageDO NOT enter the buildingWait as long as heavy rescue teams

Wood Frame: light damage to masonry/chimneysPre-1940: House may slide off foundationHillside: ground failure in addition to considerable damageSingle-Family DwellingsBricks on edge every 5-7 rowsExpect Heavy Damage unless well rein as long as cedWalls collapse first, then the roofPre-1933 Unrein as long as ced Brick/Masonry:

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Expect Heavy DamageLightweight roof construction makes them subject to collapseTilt-Up Structures:Usually Light or Moderate DamageStructures are rein as long as cedMain damage will be broken glasscontent movementexterior trim/facadesSteel Frame High-Rise Buildings:Search OperationsMake rescuer safety your primary concern.Use a buddy system.Be alert as long as hazards.Use safety equipment.Rotate teams.Rehab rescuers

Identify VOIDS where victims may beInterview survivorsEstimate victim locationsLocating VictimsConducting Search OperationsPancake Voids

Using the Evacu-Trac ChairOn stairs, the tracks securely grip the stair noses in addition to control the descent speed regardless of the stair covering. On flat surfaces, Evacu-Trac can be pushed on its wheels as easily as a stroller. This features allows the user to be transported to an area clear of the emergency rather than to an area of refuge. End

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