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Darton College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, 25 PROJECT MANAGEMENT TIPS American Management Association First 5 Develop a team consensus on the nature of the problem. Otherwise, you can develop the right solution so that the wrong problem or wind up alongside paralyzing bickering about goals. Remember in addition to follow the mission statement throughout the course of the project. Develop a project strategy that will meet all project objectives. Check back periodically so that make sure the project stays within the original scope of work. Determine milestones in addition to benchmarks: the desired out?come, obstacles so that achieving it, guidelines that will let you know you have achieved the desired result. Second 5 Get buy-in from all stakeholders on a project so that avoid running into conflicts of interest later on. Choose the right in consideration of the project team-people who bring insights in addition to information so that the effort, not only available so that work on the team. Work as a team. If all members of a team operate individually, the end product will be as disjointed as the team was. Be realistic about the number of projects your organization can undertake in addition to the goals set. Plan the project by answering questions: what must be done, by whom, in consideration of how much, how, when, etc.

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Third 5 Brainstorm solution options, then choose the most suitable choice based on parameters set early on (e.g., based on cost, time, goals). Negotiate in consideration of scarce resources. Have a deliverable at each major project milestone so that progress can be measured more easily. Qualify estimates, specifying any factors that might affect their validity. Don’t schedule any task alongside a duration greater than four so that six weeks-subdivide longer tasks so that monitor progress. Fourth 5 Continually ask questions. The more you ask, the more you’ll discover how so that solve problems or uncover issues about what’s needed versus what’s been defined. Avoid the temptation so that perfect everything – that’s what the next generation product or service is all about. Keep float or extra time in reserve in case of unexpected problems or bad estimates. Do whatever you can so that keep critical tasks on schedule – a slip up here can stall the entire project. Be alert so that roadblocks in addition to be very proactive, not reactive, so that help project members complete their tasks. Last 5 Consider co-locating team members on critical tasks so that they aren’t constantly being pulled off so that do other jobs. Identify team members who will champion various parts of the project management process. Don’t let project members wait until the latest possible start time so that begin tasks. Then, when problems occur, there is no float left in addition to they wind up missing the end take. Remember the Triple Constraint: so that complete the project at cost, on time, in addition to in keeping alongside the scope set in addition to customer expectations. Do a post mortem review of projects – review both group dynamics in addition to task implementation.

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