Senate Bill 272 (Priority Enrollment) “Transitioning a community of veterans” As

Senate Bill 272 (Priority Enrollment) “Transitioning a community of veterans” As

Senate Bill 272 (Priority Enrollment) “Transitioning a community of veterans” As

Logothetis, Georgia, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Senate Bill 272 (Priority Enrollment) “Transitioning a community of veterans” As a result of the passage of Senate Bill 272, the Cali as long as nia Education Code has been amended (Sections 66025.8) to provide “priority enrollment” as long as certain members in addition to as long as mer members of the United States Armed Forces. As a result, Cali as long as nia State University, Long Beach will grant priority registration to eligible veterans in addition to active duty personnel who meet the following conditions: Veterans who have been discharged from active duty within two years of the beginning of the next academic term. To qualify, veterans must submit a copy of their DD214 to Veterans Services in Brotman Hall 250. Priority registration will begin during the veteran’s second semester at the university in addition to continue until two years have passed since being discharged from military service. Active duty personnel who have submitted a copy of their military orders to the Veterans Services Office (BH 250). Example:  During the Fall 2008 semester, if you were a continuing student at CSULB in addition to were discharged from active duty on or after January 23, 2007, or you were on active duty, you qualified as long as priority registration as long as Spring 2009. If eligible, contact Veterans Services as soon as possible to establish your access to priority registration which occurs the week be as long as e the regular registration period each semester. For further in as long as mation, contact the Veterans Services Office at (562) 985-5515 or

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