Series 1: Meaningful Use as long as Behavioral Health ProvidersFrom the CIHS Video Seri

Series 1: Meaningful Use as long as Behavioral Health ProvidersFrom the CIHS Video Seri

Series 1: Meaningful Use as long as Behavioral Health ProvidersFrom the CIHS Video Seri

Heimer, Dianne, Faculty Advisor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Series 1: Meaningful Use as long as Behavioral Health ProvidersFrom the CIHS Video Series “Ten Minutes at a Time” Module 1: What is Meaningful Use9/2013Module 1 Outline Four key terms in addition to one important requirementMeaningful Use as a national healthcare goal Meaningful Use as a set of concrete Objectives with Measures as long as evaluating progressAn example of a Meaningful Use Objective in addition to its MeasureGetting help – resources as long as technical assistance in addition to trainingFour Key Terms HIT – Health In as long as mation TechnologyHIE – Health In as long as mation ExchangeEHR – Electronic Health RecordStructured Data in addition to One Important RequirementCertified Complete EHR – An EHR can be “certified” when it meets national st in addition to ards as long as electronic health data in addition to technology.To find out if an EHR is certified, try this link: http://oncchpl. as long as

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What is “Meaningful Use”As a concept:“Individual providers in addition to patients have routine access to comprehensive patient health in as long as mation in addition to use it to improve the effectiveness, efficiency in addition to quality of patient care”Essential, up-to-date patient in as long as mation, shared among providers regardless of specialty or physical locationPatients access their in as long as mation: know what it means in addition to how to use it to actively engage in their own careSharing in addition to access are incorporated into organizational policies in addition to proceduresClick the link below as long as more in as long as mation: What Shared In as long as mation is Considered “Essential”Data st in addition to ard includes up to 17 areas of in as long as mation, but only the minimum data set has to be availableMinimum data set includes: a list of the medications the patient is currently taking (“Active Medication List”); patient allergies (“Allergy List”); a list of patient diagnosis “Problem List”; in addition to diagnostic test results ( as long as example, labs results)Does not include treatment plans, progress, psychotherapy notesMust meet federal in addition to state regulations re: confidentiality, privacy, securityClick link below as long as a more detailed exploration of the in as long as mation as long as exchange As a set of concrete Objectives in addition to Measures (st in addition to ard of care)Administered by the Center as long as Medicaid/Medicare Services (CMS), assisted by the state Medicaid agenciesImplemented in 3 stages: currently in Stage 1 Goal is achieved through achieving Objectives in addition to meeting MeasuresCore Objectives (15)Menu Objectives (select 5 of 10)Total 20 Objectives in addition to Measures Objective – related activities support exchange of health in as long as mation, patient engagement in treatment, safety of care, security of dataFor more in as long as mation about Objectives in addition to Measures, click link below: in addition to -Guidance/Legislation/EHRIncentivePrograms/downloads/EP-MU-TOC.pdf What is “Meaningful Use”

Safety in addition to Quality Issues– Medications Adverse drug events (ADEs) cause more than 770,000 injuries in addition to deaths each year At least three-quarters of these ADEs are caused by systemic errorsAgency as long as Healthcare Research in addition to Quality (AHRQ). (2001). “Reducing in addition to preventing adverse drug events to decrease hospital costs.” Retrieved March 2013 from Meaningful Use in addition to Opportunities as long as Improvement in HealthcareStage 1 Meaningful UseImprove Quality, Safety, Efficiency5 Core in addition to 2 Menu Objectives related to medicationImproved medication management How An Objective Is Met in addition to MeasuredEach Objectives is clearly stated“Core Objective 5 – Maintain Active Medication List” Each Objective has a Measure with a Numerator in addition to Denominator“More than 80 percent of all unique patients seen by the EP have at least one entry (or an indication that the patient is not currently prescribed any medication) recorded as structured data. Each Objective has Specifications as long as ImplementationSpecifications define terms, explain requirements in addition to offer additional in as long as mation. Click on 5 in the linked list below: in addition to -Guidance/Legislation/EHRIncentivePrograms/Downloads/Hosp-CAH-MU-TOC.pdf

The Incentive Program as long as Adopting Meaningful UseImplemented through a monetary incentive program in annual awards to individual Eligible Professionals or “EPs”EP awards are usually immediately passed to the provider organizationTwo tracks – one as long as Medicare, one as long as MedicaidIncentives are not the only reason to participate. Widespread adoption of EHRs in addition to patient in as long as mation exchange is trans as long as ming the health care l in addition to scape are many new terms in addition to new ways of thinking in “Meaningful Use.” Each module in this series explains key terms in addition to ideas, in addition to provides links to more in as long as mationWhen Meaningful Use is understood as a concept, meeting the st in addition to ard as long as Meaningful Use is more easily achievedMeaningful Use is intended to address systemic shortcomings in the health care system, but it is implemented by individual Eligible ProfessionalsThere are two tracks in Meaningful Use – one as long as Medicaid in addition to one as long as MedicareMeaningful Use is a national ef as long as t (underway since 2004), will soon be the “new normal” in healthcare. in addition to -Guidance/Legislation/EHRIncentivePrograms/Meaningful-Use.html We Have Solutions as long as Integrating Primary in addition to Behavioral Healthcare Contact CIHS as long as all types of primary in addition to behavioral health care integration technical assistance in addition to training needs 1701 K Street NW, Ste 400 Washington DC 20006Web: www.integration.samhsa.govEmail: integration@thenationalcouncil.orgPhone: 202-684-7457 Prepared in addition to presented by Colleen O’Donnell, MSW, PMP, CHTS-IM as long as the Center as long as Integrated Health Solutions

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