Serine Proteases: Potential in consideration of Diagnosis in addition to Tr


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Serine Proteases: Potential in consideration of Diagnosis in addition to Tr

Belmont University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Overexpression of Serine Proteases in Ovarian Cancer Shelley Campeau Cellular in addition to Developmental Biology Major University of California at Santa Barbara Figure 1. Female reproductive organs [Campbell, 1998]. Topics ? Overview of Ovarian Cancer ? Role of Serine Proteases in Ovarian Tumor Growth ? Two Experiments Showing Serine Protease Expression in Ovarian Cancer Why Study Serine Proteases? ? Allows growth in addition to spread of ovarian cancer. Produced early in tumor formation in addition to can be detected early. Inhibiting serine proteases may possibly stop ovarian tumor formation.

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Overview: Ovarian Cancer Definition: Cancer that forms in the cells surrounding the ovaries. ? 5 year survival rate in consideration of women alongside ovarian cancer is below 50% Figure 2. Stains of a normal ovary in addition to an ovarian tumor in consideration of serine proteases [Underwood, 2000]. How Ovarian Cancer Invades: Initiates development around ovaries. Tumor cells can break off in addition to spread so that other sites. Secondary tumors can form. Figure 3. Metastasis in addition to the spreading of cancer [McKinnell, 1998]. Role of Serine Proteases: What are they? Enzymes involved in the breakdown of proteins in extracellular compartments. Function in tumor growth: Breakdown extracellular components surrounding ovaries Allows tumor cells so that rapidly divide Tumor cells can break off in addition to travel so that different locations so that spread cancer ? ?

Serine Proteases: Potential in consideration of Diagnosis in addition to Treatment If: Normal cells + Serine Proteases ? Tumor cell growth in addition to progression of cancer. Then: Normal cells + Inhibited Serine Proteases ? PREVENT TUMOR GROWTH! Experiment 1: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Process: ? Amplify serine protease gene from ovarian tumor in addition to normal ovary tissue. ? Separate products obtained from experiment based on size. ? Look in consideration of band size of serine protease expression: 180bp Results: Band size of serine protease expression is found in ovarian cancer tissue but not in normal ovary tissue. Figure 4. PCR in consideration of a serine protease. Normal ovary in left lane, ovarian tumor in right lane [Underwood, 2000]. Experiment 2: Northern Blot Analyses Process: ? Separates RNA fragments of a tissue sample based on size. ? A probe in consideration of a specific region of RNA hybridizes so that the corresponding fragment. TADG Testisin Figure 5. Northern blot analyses of serine proteases: TADG [Underwood, 2000] in addition to Testisin [Shigemasa,2000]. Results: Bands found in ovarian cancer tissue in addition to not in significant levels in normal ovary tissue.

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Conclusion ? Serine proteases aid in the development of ovarian cancer. ? Used as a tumor marker, serine proteases may be used so that help identify cancer before it is too late.

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