Shenhua Group World Energy Outlook Coal in China Today Clean Coal Technology Coal Processing – Coal Upgrading

Shenhua Group World Energy Outlook Coal in China Today Clean Coal Technology Coal Processing – Coal Upgrading

Shenhua Group World Energy Outlook Coal in China Today Clean Coal Technology Coal Processing – Coal Upgrading

Burnett, Bobbie, Morning Drive On-Air Personality;Public Service Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Page 1Clean Coal Applications NICE Perspectives Chang Wei National Institute of Clean- in addition to -Low-Carbon Energy (NICE) Shenhua Group, China February 2, 2015The world largest coal supplierOne of the largest power producers in ChinaExp in addition to ing rapidly to other energy areas (shale gas, wind, solar)2014 revenue ~ $50B with the net profit of $10BRanked 165th among the Fortune Global 500 companies (2014)Shenhua GroupCore BusinessesCoalPowerRailwayPortMarineCoal to chemicals2National Institute of Clean- in addition to -Low-Carbon Energy (NICE)The Corporate Research Arm as long as Shenhua GroupClean Coal conversion & UtilizationCoal UpgradingCoal GasificationNear Zero Emission CombustionCoal-based Per as long as mance MaterialsFunctional Materials Waste-to-value ApplicationsSpecialty Materials Hydrogen & ApplicationsH2 ProductionH2 DistributionSystem Design & ControlCatalysisCoal to olefins Coal to liquidsCoal to SNGDistributed EnergyThin Film Solar Energy StorageAdvanced SystemsWater ProcessesTTT ApplicationsComponent Technologies Process DesignTTT: Tough-to-treat3

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World Energy OutlookSource: BP Energy Outlook 2035Global Consumption by fuelCoal Consumption by regionCoal continues a key energy componentChina accounts as long as ~50% of the world’s coal consumption4Coal in China TodayCoal dem in addition to in China by sector, 200035In China Coal is a dominant energy sourceClean coal technologies critical5Clean Coal Technology6

Coal Processing – Coal UpgradingImproved pollution control –significant amount of mercury/sulfur removed Reduced FGD in addition to SCR costReduced transportation costUpgrading/ RefiningLignite13% China reserveMoisture content: 25%+Volatile content ~10%Sub-bituminous Coal31% China reserveVolatile content: 30%+Oil yield: >10%7Shenhua Activities – Coal Upgrading200620082010201220142016CoalRefTM (gas heating-carrier)1MMTA PDP Dev.Applications, Improvements & Integration StudyR&DHPUTM (Hot Press Upgrading)1MMTA Demo.Application of Integration with gasificationR&DDrying & Briquetting as long as LIGNITEDrying & Pyrolysis as long as LIGNITEDrying in addition to Pyrolysis as long as SUB-BIT COALCoalRefTM (solid heating-carrier)Pilot TestDemo., Scale-up & Further ApplicationsResearchReactor Improvement750 oC500 oC200 oC8Combustion/Power GenerationCurrent Emission St in addition to ard (Nature Gas)Shenhua 66GW Capacity of Coal–fired Power PlantsCan coal-fired emission meet the nature gas st in addition to ard9

Shenhua Activities – Near Zero EmissionSelective catalytic reductionFlue gasdesulfuration10Page 11Coal ConversionCRITICAL TECHNOLOGIESGasificationLiquefactionCatalysts Process Technologies Reactor Development11Shenhua Activities – GasificationDeployment of dozens of state-of-art gasifiers in its plantsFlat–flame gasificationFeedstock flexibilityGasification as long as fuel cellsCommercial ActivitiesTechnology DevelopmentShenhua & GE Gasification JV Shenhua Ningmei & Siemens JVCost Efficiency Environment12

Page 13Shenhua Activities – Coal to “X”CoalPolymersIntegrated Product Plat as long as m as long as Coal to ChemicalsGasificationMeOH Syn.CatalystsMTO CatalystsWGS CatalystsSyngasC2/C3OlefinsSourSyngasWGS CatalystsFT SynthesisCatalystsLiquid FuelsSNGSour Methanation CatalystsMethanation Catalysts13Shenhua Activities – Coal to ChemicalsShenhua DCL Project (1.08 Mt/a)Shenhua CTL Demonstration Project (180 kt/a)Shenhua MTO Plant (600kt/a)14Cost Advantage CoalHydrogen ProductionHydrogen InfrastructureCoal to HydrogenShenhua Activities – Hydrogen ApplicationsPower GenerationVehicleCO2 Capture/StorageUS$/kg H215

Page 16Waste RecyclingShenhua generates 60+MT fly ash each year2+MM annual liquefaction residue expected as long as Shehua Plants C2C: ~10 Gallon water used as long as 1 Gallon of product16Coal fired power plantsCoal60 million tons / yearShenhua Coal fired plantsMaterial in addition to Process TechnologiesValue-added Product PortfolioShenhua Activities – Fly Ash UtilizationFunctional fillers marketBuilding materials marketIndustrial products marketWhite CBPolymer FillersAluminaMolecular Sieve Foam panelsUC GlassProducts in addition to Markets17Page 18High Salt Content High Organic ContentCostCoal to Chemical Wastewater Power Generation WastewaterShenhua Activities – Wastewater RecycleChallengesApplicationsShenhua SolutionsCost effective Zero Liquid Discharge18

Shenhua Activities – Direct Coal Liquefaction Residuals Utilization0.7 MT in 20132t MT by 2019LiquefactionLiquid FuelsLarge VolumeGreen AsphaltHign ValueCarbon FiberMesophasePitchPitch ArticlesCarbon ArticlesFormulationBlendingEmulsion19Coal is a major energy source todayCoal will continue to be an important energy component in the as long as eseeable futureCoal applications need to be clean in addition to can be cleanTechnology innovation will drive economicsSUMMARY20Questions Thanks as long as your time, in addition to any questionsShenhua NICE, Future Science & Technology City, Changping District, Beijing, P. R. China, 102209T: +86-10-57595508 F : +86-10-57339834

Burnett, Bobbie KSNX-FM Morning Drive On-Air Personality;Public Service Director

Burnett, Bobbie Morning Drive On-Air Personality;Public Service Director

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