Skills: none Concepts: citizen journalist, use of Usenet, Wikipedia, blogs, Twit

Skills: none Concepts: citizen journalist, use of Usenet, Wikipedia, blogs, Twit

Skills: none Concepts: citizen journalist, use of Usenet, Wikipedia, blogs, Twit

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Pre Internet citizen journalism, March 1991Do you recognize this eventVideoSourceAt first we were naively optimistic about the democratizing effect of the Internet. This optimism was fueled by early examples in the Soviet coup attempt in addition to the Tiananmen Square demonstrations in China.Soviet coup attemptTiananmen squareEarly, naïve optimism about the political impact of the InternetSourceThe situation here seems getting better in addition to better. All army members are blocked outside Beijing city.There are still thous in addition to s of students in Tan’anman square. They said “we will not end until our aims are reached”. So right now, the life in Beijing is very peaceful, there are no any reason as long as the army to entry the city. The soldiers themselves don’t want to get in to face to the students in addition to the people there.May 23, 1989Tiananmen Square – the first network citizen journalismSource

They try to close all mass media, they stopped CNN an hour ago, in addition to Soviet TV transmits opera in addition to old movies. But, thank Heaven, they don’t consider RELCOM mass media or they simply as long as got about it. Now we transmit in as long as mation enough to put us in prison as long as the rest of our life.Polina AntonovaKremvaxProtests in MoscowVideo clip, 3m 13s, (highlight at 1m 40 s :-)Internet citizen journalism, August 1991Historical archiveHistorical archive of Soviet coup attempt trafficWikipedia: the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack

Visit the Wikipedia page todayThe initial pageWikipedia after 21 hours 44 minutes4,780 words942 edits149 anonymous93 unidentifiableSubsequent refinement(Through 12/31/2016)

Continued revisionContinued relevance – Page views 12/2016 68,087 page vies (average of 2,196 per day) “Thank you Facebook”Social networks: Arab Spring, 2011

Arab Spring archive, 2011Bloggers as citizen journalistsWhat has been the role of citizen journalists in addition to the Internet in the Black Lives Matter protestsHudson River plane crashMore eyewitness photosCitizen journalists feed news coverage

Citizen journalists feed news coverage@acarvinJournalists covering the Syrian civil warOn the Media interview, 1m 27sThe bookFacebook Live – a billion people able to stream live videoThe future

SummaryUsenet (optional material)Self-study questionsHow does the current Wikipedia article on the Mumbai terrorist attacks compare with the article at the time this presentation was created Has it continued to evolve (You can find many statistics under the History tab on the Wikipedia page).We have looked at four examples of citizen journalism. Describe another one.

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ResourcesVideo of the Rodney King beating (9m 40s): more on the Soviet coup attempt including articles, quotes from participants in addition to a link to the historical archive of all network traffic: coverage of the Soviet coup attempt with an interview of me: Voices extensive archives in addition to The Guardian’s review of the Arab Spring page on the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks: Post article on Andy Carvin: in addition to y-carvin-tweeting-the-middle-east/2011/04/06/AFcSdhSD-story.htmlPBS interview of Andy Carvin discussing his methodology (7m 28s): in addition to y-carvin-on-tracking- in addition to -tweeting-revolutions.htmlTweeting graphic videos from Syria, OnTheMedia, February 10, 2012 in addition to y-carvin/Video interview of Andy Carvin (65m 5s) in addition to y-carvin/Andy Carvin’s book, Distant Witness:

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