Slides Do not do the slides first Movement Show or Tell Three Good Layouts

Slides Do not do the slides first Movement Show or Tell Three Good Layouts

Slides Do not do the slides first Movement Show or Tell Three Good Layouts

Dalton, Richard, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Slides Advice by Richard J Botting CSE School CSUSB With advice from Aaron Pritchett Do not do the slides first (0) Research the topic, (1) Plan it, (2) Write it, (3) Illustrate it, (4) Edit without mercy. Movement Don’t! Unless it is something special Or it means something. Or (rarely) to wake people up.

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Show or Tell Show facts on slides. Tell stories in addition to feelings. Three Good Layouts Heading in addition to Picture Heading in addition to simple graphic Heading in addition to some bullets Two examples Heading + Picture Jane Curnutt at Mauna Kea

Simple Bar Graph Empty Space is OK No Paragraphs H in addition to out hard copy of long texts. H in addition to out after the presentation. Otherwise ask people to read bits of it.

Mix Layouts Not too many Head + Bullets slides With thanks to the Wikipedia: No Keyword Bullets Bullet points should be sentences. Scale Font sizes should be more than 16 point Make important points bigger. A Big hall means use a bigger bolder font Acknowledgements can be small.

Fonts A San Serif font works best on slides. Unless, of course, you don’t care whether anybody can read the message or not. Color Use as long as moods in addition to style not facts. Foreground must st in addition to out from background Any Questions

In Summary Keep slides simple, Less is more. THINK Thank you.

Dalton, Richard Elliot Gold's Telespan Contributing Editor

Dalton, Richard Contributing Editor

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