Social in addition to academic confidence determined DIFFerences in


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Social in addition to academic confidence determined DIFFerences in

EarthNet Institute, US has reference to this Academic Journal, DIFFerences in Social in addition to academic confidence determined by cultureMartha MunozJanet SotoLatoya GallardoAbstractIn this study, the correlation between social confidence in addition to academic confidence in Latinos in addition to Asian Americans was examined in college students.HYPOTHESISLatinos will score higher in social confidence in addition to Asian Americans will score higher in academic confidence.

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PARTICIPANTSLatinos = 26Male = 4Female = 22Asian Americans = 23Male = 13 Female = 10CSUN StudentsTotal Participants49MATERIALS5-point Likert scale Survey10 questions on Social Confidence10 questions on Academic ConfidencePROCEDURESurveys were placed faced-down on the tables.The instructions were read so that participants on how so that complete survey.Confidentiality was assured so that participants. Once the participants completed the survey, they were debriefed.

RESULTSA within-participant one way ANOVA was performed.The results revealed an interaction effect in consideration of academic confidence level, F(1,48) = 60.12, p>.05.Academic confidence rating differ depending on ethnicity (Asian Americans in addition to Latino).DISCUSSIONThe hypothesis was partially supported.HypothesesLatinos = High in Social ConfidenceAsian Americans = High in Academic ConfidenceYet, the analysis revealed:Latinos = Low in Social ConfidenceAsian Americans = High in Social in addition to Academic Confidence

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Cont.Factor analysisThird factorGoal-orientedIMPLICATIONSParticipant BiasEvaluation apprehensionParticipants want so that be evaluated positively.

LIMITATIONSNot a true experiment because no random assignmentSmall Sample SizeNot an Even Distribution among Gender

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