Solar Water Heating Basics as long as Homeowners

Solar Water Heating Basics as long as Homeowners

Solar Water Heating Basics as long as Homeowners

Sirten, Catt, Late Night On-Air Personality has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Solar Water Heating Basics as long as HomeownersSolar Water Heating Pilot ProgramSkip FralickVision: Creating a sustainable energy futureMission:TransportationGreen BuildingClimate ChangeRenewable EnergyEnergy Efficiency Vision in addition to MissionCCSE Programs San Diego Energy Resource Center Tax-Exempt Customer Incentive Program Self Generation Incentive Program Cali as long as nia Solar Initiative Rebuild Central Fueling Alternatives

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OutlineBasic System ComponentsSystem TypesCollector TypesTypes of Freeze ProtectionSystems in addition to SavingsSWH Pilot ProgramEligibilityIncentivesWhat is Solar Water HeatingSolar Assist or Solar Pre-heatAlways keep the existing heater as backup to solarGreat way to conserve energy, reduce your utility bill, increase the value of your home, in addition to reduce Global Warming!Created by Melissa Wendell

Types of SWH Systems2 Types of Basic SystemsPassive – no pumpsActive – uses pumps to move the water through the collectorPassive Systems – Batch or ICSSource: EERE Passive Systems – ThermosyphonSource: FSEC

Active Systems – Open LoopSource: FSECActive Systems – Closed LoopSource: EEREActive System – Drainback

Collector TypesUnglazed (Pool Systems)Integrated Collector in addition to Storage (ICS)ThermosyphonGlazed Flat-PlateEvacuated TubeCollector TypesUnglazed Collector (pools)Source: FAFCO Son EnergyCollector Types – PassiveICSSource: SunEarth CPAU

Collector Types – PassiveThermosyphonSource: SunEarth CleanTechCollector Types – ActiveGlazed Flat-PlateSource: EERE Butler Sun SolutionsCollector Types – ActiveEvacuated Tube CollectorSource: Apricus CleanTech

What is the SWHPPThe Solar Water Heating Pilot Program, part of the larger Cali as long as nia Solar Initiative, was designed to gather in as long as mation on the market, technologies in addition to financials of SWH in order to exp in addition to to a statewide program.Total SWHPP budget is $1.5 million as long as incentivesProgram rolled out on July 2, 2007 in addition to will run through Dec. 31, 2009 or until the funding is exhaustedOne year of data collection on all monitored systems (up to 100)SWHPP, continuedEligibilityAvailable only to SDG&E electric customers, nowhere else in the stateNew Construction is eligiblePools in addition to Spas are not eligibleInstallations must use Solar Rating in addition to Certification Corporation (SRCC) OG-300 systemsMaximum $1500 as long as residential installationsReplacement systems may re-use existing copper pipesReplacement of single components is not eligibleSWHPP, cont’dProgram Installation RequirementsEligible ContractorSRCC EquipmentFreeze ProtectionScald ProtectionPermitCCSE Inspection

Incentive Calculation$1500 Maximum IncentiveSolar Orientation Factor – 0.9 to 1.0 based on tilt in addition to orientationSRCC Annual Savings of the OG-300 SystemIncentive Calculation – Example$1500 x 1.0 x 140 therms/150 therms = $1,400Recirculation Freeze Protection4x10 Glazed Flat-Plate Collector80 Gallon Solar Storage TankNatural Gas Auxiliary Annual Savings of 140 thermsSource: SRCCAdditional IncentivesFederal Tax Credit – 30% of cost (post-incentive) (cap removed)Increased property value but exempt from increase property taxProtection against future rate increases

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Economics of SWHNatural Gas DisplacementEconomics of SWHElectricity DisplacementEnvironmental Economics of SWHNG offset –Electric offset – Equivalents2004 Toyota Corolla driven 12,000 miles/yr8,095 lbs. CO2/yearNG offset = no driving as long as 4.7 years Electric offset = no driving as long as 3.3 yearsTreesAbsorb 2,000 lbs. CO2/yearNG offset = planting 19 treesElectric offset = planting over 13 trees

10 Tips as long as Hiring a Contractor1. Hire only licensed contractors Check the contractor’s license number by calling the Contractors State License Board at 1-800-321-2752 or visiting 2. Hire insured contractors Always insist upon a certificate of insurance as long as general liability insurance. Uninsured workers who are injured on the job can file damage claims against the homeowner. 3. Verify Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cali as long as nia requires this as long as m of insurance as long as any employer with one or more employees. If your contractor is exempt from the workers’ compensation requirement, it means any workers on the job must belong to another subcontractor who is insured. 4. Get references Always get at least three references from previous customers of the contractor, in addition to review past work. 5. Get multiple bids Get three (3) bids in addition to use a written plan, so you can compare apples to apples. 6. Get a thorough written contract be as long as e any work begins Any work valued at over $500 requires a contract. In the contract, be sure to specify the start in addition to completion dates of the job, in addition to insist on a progressive payment schedule that is spelled out in dollars in addition to cents. If you’re going to spend thous in addition to s of dollars, consider investing another $200 to have an attorney review your contract as long as your protection. 7. Never sign a contract under pressure Insist on at least 48 hours to study any contract. 8. Pay as you go To start a job, never pay more than 10% down or $1,000-whichever is less. Hold back 10% as long as the final payment after the entire job is complete. Never pay as long as work be as long as e it is done. 9. Never pay cash Pay by check or credit card. 10. Keep a job file Put receipts, permits, plans in addition to anything else pertaining to your job in the file. Source: Cali as long as nia Contractors State Licensing BoardThe SWHPP TeamAnnie Henderson – Program ManagerAnnie.Henderson@energycenter.org858.244.7290Skip Fralick – SWH Energy EngineerSkip.Fralick@energycenter.org858.244.4868Mike Bigelow – Program AssistantMike.Bigelow@energycenter.org858.244.7292Eligible Contractors

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