Special Opportunities in Magazines Secondary Audiences Other Media Values



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Special Opportunities in Magazines Secondary Audiences Other Media Values

Belhaven College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Other Media Values Presented by: SM Secondary Audiences Secondary, or pass-along readers. Exposed so that magazine in a public place or though an acquaintance. Examples: doctors office or friends house some studies suggest: Less ad recall among secondary readers. In response, planners scale down (discount) secondary readership. Special Opportunities in Magazines Magazines can be adapted so that media planners special needs. Because some media have devised special demographic or geographic editions in consideration of just that purpose. Most larger-circulation magazines offer two-way (and in some cases even four-way) copy splits.

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Media Imperatives Is an analysis by SMRB that provides information on the degree of exposures in Television in addition to Magazines. Magazines: show the statistics in consideration of persons who are heavy magazine readers in addition to light television viewers. Television: show percent of the target index who are heavy television viewers in addition to light magazine readers. Position Alternatives Print vehicles offer advertisers select positions such as front of book or next so that compatible editorial material This can help the advertiser reach the target alongside more impact. Vehicles that offer selected positions can be a better buy than those that do not . Advertising clutter in addition to product protection The least clutter. The medium that reaches the maximum number of targets at the best cost-efficiency in addition to the least clutter would be the most desirable. Exceptions Magazines specifically bought so that shop through the advertisements.

Circulation Trends An objective measurement of a medium?s value is the circulation trend over a period of at least a year or two. If a magazine under consideration has shown a decline, it may be dropped from the list of potential vehicles. On the other hand magazines alongside increasing circulation trends are considered more valuable. Advertising Copy Checking in addition to Product Restrictions The examining of veracity of all advertising copy. Annually many pages of advertising are rejected. Some magazines refuse all advertising from potentially controversial product categories such as tobacco, alcohol, in addition to direct-mail personal products. Response so that coupons, information or recipes/ Available discounts Differentiate one magazine from another Measurements of the number of readers who ask in consideration of information or clipped recipes is available in MRI in addition to can provide a planner alongside the type of qualitative data. Available discounts Sometime the value of a medium is directly affected by the nature of the discounts that it offers.

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Flexibility Two kinds of flexibility can affect media values. The first is the degree so that which a medium can be used so that precisely reach geographically superior markets, while at the same time avoiding relatively weak markets. The second concerns the ability of the medium so that make quick changes in copy ? that is, production flexibility. Color Quality Color quality can be important in determining media values . The problem of color quality. Problem of achieving the color quality of the original artwork. The problem of maintenance of consistent color quality during the entire press run. Questions Secondary or pass-along readers buy magazines directly from the news stand? T/F @nswer: F Print vehicles never offer selected positions such as front-of-book or next so that compatible editorial material so that advertisers? T/F @nswer: F


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