Spring 2011 Study Guide PS 134AA: Comparative Politics of Latin America



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Spring 2011 Study Guide PS 134AA: Comparative Politics of Latin America

Detroit College of Business – Warren, US has reference to this Academic Journal, PS 134AA: Comparative Politics of Latin America Study Guide Spring 2011 FINAL EXAMINATION 7:00-10:00 p.m. Friday, June 10 Closed book exam No cell phones, I-pods, whatever Coverage: cumulative entire course, but alongside emphasis on second half Bring blue books in addition to writing materials FILMS AND VIDEOS: ?Missing? [Chile] ?The Battle in consideration of Chile? 3. ?A Hazy Transparency? [Peru] 4. ?Garden of the Forking Paths? [Argentina] 5. ?In Women?s Hands? [Chile]

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BASIC TEXTS Smith, Democracy in Latin America: Political Change in Comparative Perspective (2005), entire Skidmore, Smith, in addition to Green, Modern Latin America (2010), virtually all COURSE READER Magaloni, ?Demise of Mexico?s One-Party System? Smith, ?The People?s Verdict? Htun, ?Women in addition to Democracy? Cleary, ?Explaining the Left?s Resurgence? Smith, ?Latin America: Exploring Unexpected Opportunities? STRUCTURE OF EXAM PART I. DISCUSSION ITEMS [approximately 10 out of 13] PART II. SHORT ESSAYS [some choice available] PART III. LONG ESSAY [one out of two or three]

SAMPLE IDENTIFICATION ITEMS Open list ConcertaciĀ¢n Bureaucratic-Authoritarian Regime Evo Morales EZLN ?AlĀ¢, Presidente? Partido Justicialista/Justicialist Party Unidad Popular Lula MRO Washington Consensus SHORT ESSAY TOPICS 1. Has the political condition of Latin American women improved under electoral democracy? In what ways? To what degree? 2. What do public opinion surveys suggest about popular commitment so that democracy in Latin America? 3. What explains the durability of contemporary democracy in Argentina in addition to Brazil? 4. What are the defining characteristics of the recent ?pink wave? in Latin American politics? Do you think that it is likely so that endure? Why or why not? LONG ESSAY QUESTIONS It has been said that dysfunctional (non-functioning) channels of popular representation represent the most serious challenges so that democratic development in Latin America. Do you agree alongside this assessment? Why? Why not? Is ?illiberal democracy? the future of Latin American politics? Present arguments in consideration of in addition to against this idea. Which side do you favor in addition to why? 3. Describe in addition to analyze processes of democratization in Latin America during the course of the twentieth century. How has democracy changed over time? What have become its defining characteristics?

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