Stan as long as d CS223B Computer Vision, Winter 2005 Final Project Presentations + Paper

Stan as long as d CS223B Computer Vision, Winter 2005 Final Project Presentations + Paper

Stan as long as d CS223B Computer Vision, Winter 2005 Final Project Presentations + Paper

Eckardt, Nancy, News and Reviews Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Stan as long as d CS223B Computer Vision, Winter 2005 Final Project Presentations + Papers Sebastian Thrun, Stan as long as d Rick Szeliski, Microsoft Hendrik Dahlkamp in addition to Dan Morris, Stan as long as d Final Project Presentations Tue March 8 P16: Road surface type estimation as long as DARPA Gr in addition to Challenge P09: Finding Objects in 3d Point Clouds of Urban Environments IP5: Tracking of Multiple RC Cars P15: Shadow detection in addition to removal as long as DARPA Gr in addition to Challenge P18: Gesture recognition as long as HCI (Human-Car-Interaction) P04: Smilifying Images IP4: Analysis of Parking Patterns P07: Change detection from multiple camera images P06: 3D SFM with an IMU P12: Shape Through Smog Thu Mar 10 P11: Learning Optical Flow from Control Comm in addition to s of a Mobile Robot P03: Identifying Cell Components IP7: Mineral identification from MER Pancam images P13: Aligning Images of Flies IP8: Real-Time Feature-Based Mosaicking P17: Displaying high dynamic range video IP3: Age Classification P10: Terrain in addition to Object Matching in Off-road Scenes IP6: Depth Estimation from Single Images IP1: Single View Corridor Reconstruction P02: Improved Speech Recognition through Vision Localization P01: Autonomous Helicopter Pose in addition to L in addition to ing Project Presentations Use MS Powerpoint Mail to by 12am at the day of your presentation PPT file All animations/videos (links please) You have 6 minutes (sorry, this is a big class). WE WILL STRICTLY ENFORCE THE TIME LIMITS

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Final Project Slides Sorry this has to fit into 6 minutes 1 Slide with title + team member names 1 Slide with problem statement in addition to data samples 1 slide with your approach (keep it short!) 2-3 slides with results, animations (hidden slide: list percentages of who in your team did what, e.g.: Dave did 80% of the work, Mike in addition to Ron each 10%) Example Presentation (Dan Gindikin, CS223b 2004) Problem: Matching Images to Aerial Maps

Approach: SIFT Results 7690 features 968 features Your Final Project Paper On-A-Slide Abstract (short is sweet!) Problem, gap, approach, key results Introduction Broad problem in addition to impact “scientific gap” (what technical aspects have not yet been solved) summary approach (should include reference to technical gap) key results Approach Background tutorial (if necessary) Your technical innovation (might be multiple pages/sections, with repeated reference to scientific gap) Results Main questions that are being investigated in experiments, ref to gap possibly with main results highlighted Data sets, simulator, implementation details Empirical results (might be multiple pages) Related Work Don’t just say what’s been done. Point out how prior work relates to yours in addition to to the scientific gap you set as long as th in the intro. Summary/Discussions/Conclusion Summary problem, approach, result, in past tense Discuss open questions, promising research directions References

Lesson 1 Put yourself into the position of the reader! Lesson 2 Motivate your problem Why does it matter Why is it not solved yet What impact would a solution have What contribution did you make Lesson 3 It doesn’t matter how you got there “We tried A, it didn’t work, there as long as e we tried B” “B works. To see, let us consider an obvious alternative A, in addition to show A does not work” Document your progress, not just achievement “B works” “B improves over A (current techniques) by X, which is important because of ”

Lesson 4 Resist the temptation to say everything you know. A good paper makes one point, not two A good paragraph makes one point, not two (most points are only made in one paragraph, not too) Completeness in addition to Conciseness Reviewers may not be familiar with your area: Provide Problem motivation Describe Significant application domains Introduce the State of the art/background material Use Consistent Notation Make sure your experiments match your claims Describe in addition to motivate your measures as long as evaluation Conference Reviewers are Overworked Don’t expect them to pay attention to details Don’t expect them to read small fonts Motivate problem, explain why open, why interesting Present one idea, not two, three, Pick in as long as mative title A picture is worth 1000 words Be concise! Get to the point! Run a spell in addition to grammar checker Use terminology consistently Define abbreviations, avoid them if possible Convince reader that experiments fit claims/problem Make sure the paper “flows”

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