Stephen D. KrasnerUniversity of CardiffSeptember 2, 2014NATO in addition to Contested Sover

Stephen D. KrasnerUniversity of CardiffSeptember 2, 2014NATO in addition to Contested Sover

Stephen D. KrasnerUniversity of CardiffSeptember 2, 2014NATO in addition to Contested Sover

Petersen, Mike, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Stephen D. KrasnerUniversity of CardiffSeptember 2, 2014NATO in addition to Contested SovereigntyOld Challenge as long as NATO: STATE TO STATE CONFLICTDeter/defend against the Soviet UnionCreate a North Atlantic security communityMake war among NATO members unthinkableChina: A Conventional Challenge

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New Challenge as long as NATO: Contested in addition to Imperfect SovereigntyPoor Governance: Failed in addition to weakly governed statesBalkans, AfghanistanUndermining domestic sovereignty: Russia in addition to its neighborsThree Meanings of SovereigntyInternational legal sovereigntyBasic rule: recognize entities that have territory in addition to juridical independenceWestphalian/Vattelian sovereigntyBasic rule: non-intervention: Each state is entitled to determine its own domestic authority structures.Domestic sovereigntyEffective governance within a given territoryFundamental ChallengeFailures of domestic sovereignty Areas of Limited Statehood

Addressing State FailureThree Theories of DevelopmentModernization theoryEconomic growth middle class better governance in addition to democracyInstitutional CapacityGreater institutional capacity security in addition to economic growthElite Bargains/Rational Choice institutionalismGreater openness (democracy in addition to economic growth) only when elites ab in addition to on rent seekingGoalsModernization TheoryPut countries on the path to DenmarkInstitutional capacityProvide security in addition to better governanceElite Bargains/Rational Choice InstitutionalismGood Enough GovernanceSome securityExternal balancer Internal balance of power among competing elitesSome economic growthSome protection of physical integrity human rightsPolicy PrescriptionsModernization TheoryGive money in addition to maybe technical assistanceE.g Foreign Assistance = 0.7 percent of GDPInstitutional capacityProvide technical assistance in addition to resourcesE.g. train in addition to equip Iraqi army

Elite bargains/rational choice Good Enough Governance: Not Somalia; Not Denmark Provide security assistance to specific groupsMake it worthwhile as long as the ANA to fight as long as us not themMaintain enough as long as ces to act as a credible balancerConclude Bilateral Security Agreement in addition to SOFA with AfghanistanChange economic incentives as long as elitesopen global trading opportunitiesAccept patronage in addition to associated corruptionCombat personal corruptionCondition aid/support on protecting core human rightsRussiaPutin’s GoalsStay in powerDeter domestic oppositionDiscourage defection in the FSUPutin’s TacticsConventional international politicsAnnexation of CrimeanNew international politics:Create areas of limited statehoodUkraine, Moldova, Georgia Classic Russian imperial politicsDefend Slavic/Russian minoritiesCzarist Russia in the Balkans be as long as e WWIPutin’s Russia in the FSU

Sources of Russian Leverage in FSUPoor GovernanceAll FSU except the Baltics Significant Russian minorityLatvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, UkraineControl of energy (exports or supply)All countries except AzerbaijanSecurity balanceAll countriesNo options as long as NATO/WestAll of the Stans in addition to BelarusPoor governanceEnergy dependence (X or M) on RussiaLimited military powerHigh NATO engagement could undermine NATO credibility PFP has costs

Limited Options: UkraineRussia has violated Budapest Memor in addition to umsNATO/West/EU could provide:Economic incentives from the EUSecurity assistanceHowever, Russia will siphon away aid by raising energy pricesmay not accept outright defeat of Russian separatistsUkraine: Possible OutcomesI. Unified Ukraine moving closer to the WestII. Finl in addition to izationIII. Ukraine within Russia’s sphere of influenceConfederal or federal stateExtensive minority protections as long as RussianSome economic growthSome improvement in governance over time The most likely outcomeAzerbaijan in addition to Georgia: Best Outcome would be the status-quoBasic goal: good enough governanceAzerbaijanAutocratic regime in addition to poor governance butAlternative energy outletsAided NATO in AfghanistanAliyev wants to balance against Russia in addition to IranGeorgiaHas instituted democratic re as long as ms; better governanceHas lost territoryCannot respond to Russian military pressureAbkhazia in addition to South Ossetia will be frozen as long as ever

BalticsPutin’s play: weaken domestic sovereigntyAppeal to Russian minorities in Estonia in addition to LatviaSubversionStay below any Art. 5 thresholdNATO’S RESPONSENATO can make credible commitments to the Baltic statesNATO should:Station more troops on a rotating basisPlace NATO as long as ces on the Latvia Estonia Russian borderContinue intelligence cooperationStrengthen Latvian security as long as ces: police, special as long as cesNATO cannot make credible commitments to any other FSU countryHolbrooke Model as long as Non-NATO MembersNon-AngelicTrade peace as long as justiceHeavily discount the futureIncorporate as many players as possibleInclude enough spoilers so that other spoilers can be marginalizedConfederal/consociational states with high regional autonomyThird Parties can provideResourcesMonitoringAuthoritative decision makingHigh representative in B-HIncentives as long as re as long as mTrade agreementsEU membership or association as long as relevant states

NATO: AMBITION VS CREDIBILITYCredibilityDefend BalticsAccept confederated UkraineIdentify best local ally that canMaintain stabilityNot attack usIf no local ally rely on short term kinetic interventionsIncredibilityClaim to defend Ukraine when it cannot be defendedClaim to promote democracy where it cannot be promotedClaim to defend western human rights where they cannot be defended

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