Study Abroad Beijing/Singapore 2009 Prof. Chen Zhou March 5, 2009 Introductions

Study Abroad Beijing/Singapore 2009 Prof. Chen Zhou March 5, 2009 Introductions

Study Abroad Beijing/Singapore 2009 Prof. Chen Zhou March 5, 2009 Introductions

Bruenjes, Jennifer, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Study Abroad Beijing/Singapore 2009 Prof. Chen Zhou March 5, 2009 Introductions Administration Prof. Chen Zhou – Program Director in addition to Instructor of ISyE 3104 Rebecca Miller – Program Coordinator Wes McGinnis – Graduate Assistant Faculty Hanchao Lu – GT Professor of HTS Steve Hackman – GT Professor of ISYE Ek Peng Chew – NUS Professor of ISYE Patrick Rau – Tsinghua Professor of ISYE Outline Academics: schedules, texts, etc. Schedule: group flight Passport in addition to visa Singapore Focus: Immunizations, customs, laws Miscellaneous issues Communications (cell phones) Money (credit card, etc.) Power supply, computers, library, internet Other issues Daily life Transportation Language . Beijing Focus: April 14, 5-7 pm session

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Program at a glace May 20– June 28: Singapore HTS 2062 – Asia in the Modern World ISyE 3103 – Supply Chain Management, Logistics Tours: Images of Singapore, Port, x. June 28 – Aug 3: Beijing ISyE 3104 – Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, in addition to Warehousing ISyE 4803 – Ergonomics ISyE 4803 – Financial Engineering Tours: Tianmen Square, YMY, y Courses in addition to instructors Asia in the Modern World – HTS 2062 – RHK Social Science Requirement, Prof. Hanchao Lu Supply Chain Mod:Logistics – ISYE 3103 – RHK Tech Elect CS, Engr, &Sciences, Profs. Ek Peng Chew in addition to Loo Hay Lee Supply Chain Mod:Mfg/Ware – ISYE 3104 – RHK Tech Elect CS, Engr, &Sciences, Prof. Chen Zhou Ergonomics & Work Organzation – ISYE 4813 RHK Tech Elect CS, Engr, & Sciences, Prof. Patrick Rau Financial Engineering – ISYE 4803 RHK Tech Elect CS, Engr, & Sciences, Prof. Steve Hackman Schedule in Singapore C1 – HY2062 History C2 – IE4220 Supply Chain Modeling C3 – IE3120 Manufacturing C4 – IE4249 Financial Engineering For example: C1 2 – HY2062 History – two-hour session C2 3 – IE4220 Supply Chain Modeling – three-hour session

History 2602 Asian in the Modern World Professor Hanchao Lu, School of History, Technology, in addition to Society (HTS) in Ivan Allen College Primary Textbooks: W. Scott Morton, China: Its History in addition to Culture. Fourth Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2005. W. Scott Morton, Japan: Its History in addition to Culture. Fourth Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2005. Richard Gunde, Culture in addition to Customs of China. Westpoint, CT: Greenwood Press, 2001. This book is assigned as long as writing a take-home book report as part of the final examination. GET THESE BEFORE DEPARTURE Students may choose one of the alternative readings as long as the take-home book report: Noriko Kamachi, Culture in addition to Customs of Japan. Westpoint, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999. Donald Clark, Culture in addition to Customs of Korea. Westpoint, CT: Greenwood Press, 2000. Mark Mcleod in addition to Nguyen Thi Dieu, Culture in addition to Customs of Vietnam. Westpoint, CT: Greenwood Press, 2001. Paul Rodell, Culture in addition to Customs of Philippines, 2001. Carol Henderson, Culture in addition to Customs of India, 2002. Arne Kislenko, Culture in addition to Customs of Thail in addition to , 2004. Grades: Quizzes (50%), Take-home Final Exam (40%), Attendance (10%) ISyE 3103 Logistics Faculty Prof. Ek Peng Chew Ph.D ISyE, GA Tech Prof Loo Hay Lee Ph.D Harvard Textbook Chopra, S. in addition to Meindl, Supply Chain Management, 4th edition, Prentice Hall, 2004 WE WILL ORDER THIS book FOR YOU IN Singapore. IF YOU DO NOT WANT, YOU MUST INFORM US BY APRIL 1st. Grading One quiz – 40% One case study – 15% One final exam – 45% Schedule in Beijing

ISyE 3104 – Supply Chain Mfg & Ware Professor Chen Zhou Textbooks: Production in addition to Operations Analysis, by Steven Nahmias, 6th edition, Irwin, 2009. WE WILL ORDER THIS FOR YOU IN CHINA. IF YOU DO NOT WANT, YOU MUST INFORM US BY APRIL 1st. Warehouse Science, by John Bartholdi in addition to Steven Hackman, 2008, available at Professor Bartholdi’s website. Grading: Exams (75%), Assignments (15%), Participation (10 %) International Edition $30 ISyE 4803 Financial Engineering Prof. Steve Hackman Text Notes, to be provided Grading Participation in addition to project 20% Quizzes 40% Final 40% Course registration at GT OSCAR, like other courses but RHK section HTS 2062 – RHK ISYE 3103 – RHK ISYE 3104 – RHK ISYE 4803: Financial Engineering – RHK ISYE 4813: Ergonomics – RHK ISYE 4699 – RHK Registration Requirements Course load = 4. Total credit hours 12. Phase 1 Registration, March 25 – April 5 You cannot drop a course/get a “W” during Study Abroad

Group flight LV: Atlanta – Wednesday, May 20, 7:00 PM Delta to LAX; Cathay Pacific to HKG to SIN AR: Singapore – Friday, May 22, 12:30 PM — June 28, LV: SIN – 8:30 AM; AR: PEK – 5:25 PM Cathay Pacific to HKG to PEK — LV: Beijing – Monday, August 3, 6:30 PM Cathay Pacific to HKG to LAX; Delta to ATL AR: Atlanta – Tuesday, August 4, 7:41 AM Anyone flying on your own, please send itinerary to Rebecca. Payments OSCAR System has it listed under Spring 2009 charges. $500 deposit (paid with application) $1500 first installment program fee (3/6/09) $1450 optional group flight (3/6/09) $1800 remaining program fee (4/10/09) Tuition due at time of Registration – See Bursar calendar as long as details Passport in addition to Visa Your passport needs to be valid as long as at least 6 months after the last date you are in China. Singapore Visa US citizen: No visa is required. You need to apply as long as a student pass online in addition to complete immigration paperwork in Singapore. Non-U.S. Citizen: Visa is required. You need to apply as long as a student pass online. NUS will send an invitation letter which will allow a 30-day tourist entry. China Visa Everyone, except Chinese citizens, should apply

Chinese visa application Atlanta region residence should use consulate in Houston Consulate do not accept direct mailings GT reached an agreement with in Houston to provide low cost visa service to GT programs including family members in addition to affiliates $15 as long as the regular service (10-day processing time, excluding consulate charge or the shipping cost). Procedure as long as the visa application Visit Click on “Visa Application“ Select the appropriate visa category in addition to download application as long as m Enter the special code as long as Georgia Tech: gtbuzz in addition to click “Calculate Fees“ Select Citizenship, Number of Entries, etc to calculate the total amount Enter your mailing address in addition to submit your request The summary in as long as mation in addition to a service number are displayed on the next page A copy of your Georgia Tech Buzz Card must be submitted with the passport in order to qualify as long as the Georgia Tech rate. Please contact the visa service directly if you have any question: 281-513-7743. In the past single-entry was generally granted, but this year double-entry is also being granted. (Hong Kong is not PRC as long as visa purposes.) Immunizations Singapore, Malaysia, & Thail in addition to Hepatitis A: highly recommended Hepatitis B: recommended Typhoid: recommended Japanese encephalitis: recommended as long as certain cases, see website as long as more in as long as mation All routine vaccinations (i.e. MMR in addition to DPT): recommended Cambodia – all above, plus: Rabies: Recommended More in as long as mation available at Singapore Customs Proceed to the RED CHANNEL if you are carrying: Dutiable or taxable goods exceeding your duty-free concession or GST relief Intoxicating liquors, Tobacco product, Motor oil Controlled or restricted items Prohibited items Chewing gum, Chewing tobacco in addition to imitation tobacco products, Cigarette lighters, Firecrackers, Reproduction of copyright publications, video tapes, video discs, laser discs, records or cassettes At the RED CHANNEL, please: Give a verbal declaration to ICA officers of the above-stated items that you are carrying, in addition to Produce the prohibited or controlled items together with the import permit or authorization from the relevant authorities, if any Otherwise, you may proceed to the GREEN CHANNEL If in doubt, always inquire at the RED CHANNEL

Singapore: Laws While in a as long as eign country, a U.S. citizen is subject’s to that country’s laws in addition to regulations. Always be aware of the laws of the country you are visiting. Some laws in Singapore include: Laws against jaywalking, littering, in addition to spitting Laws pertaining to the propriety of behavior between people in addition to the modesty of individuals Strict laws against the possession/use of drugs Strict penalties as long as those who possess or carry arms There are no jury trials in Singapore, judges hear cases in addition to decide sentencing Communications – L in addition to lines Singapore No phone in the dorm, has internal line Broad b in addition to connection in dorm in addition to hallways Wireless in dorm in addition to certain areas Beijing Special prepaid l in addition to line in dorm. No charge to receive Broad b in addition to connection in dorm Wireless in dorm in addition to classroom, weak signals Phone cards A little more expensive than US, you do not pay face value Communications Cell phones in Singapore SingTel (2 other): GSM 900 or 1800 MHZ Cingular in addition to T-Mobile: GSM 1900 MHZ GSM tri-b in addition to phone should work (need to call to unlock) Three providers: Singtel, Star in addition to M1 Singtel SIM card is available at Post office in addition to some 7-eleven stores SGD 8, SGD 10 calling time included Need passport when purchase the card

Cell phone in China Mostly GSM although CDMA networks becomes available You can get SIM cards at A small general store on campus Post office on campus Small electronics shops near main in addition to west gate The cost depends on Number: 8s are good, 4s are bad. Minutes included Time retired You normally can pick from a list of numbers I have seen from RMB 50 – 130 ($6 – 15) Money in Singapore Singapore ATM works, has good exchange rate but your bank normally charge a fee per transaction Credit/debit cards: Slightly less popular. Most card now charge a % Cash card: NETS, available at 7-eleven EZlink card Exchange rates Airport China Town Lucky Plaza Money in Beijing Some ATM works, look as long as your logo Credit cards use are not wide spread

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Power in Singapore Power 220 V, 50 hz Type G Socket: 3 prongs, British st in addition to ard BS 1363 (with ground) Converter available at George’s (S$3) Power in China Power plug Type A, similar shape that used in US with smaller gap No difference between 2 prongs (the fat prong in US has problem) Questions Quiz Where do you get QC book, Logistics book HTS book Do I have to register summer courses Does your cell phone work in Singapore (China) How do you get local numbers How do you get cash Does plugs as long as laptops, tooth brush, etc. will work Where do you get network access How do I stay in touch with my friends in addition to family at home Do you need a visa to Singapore (China) Where do I get my visa Does single entry visa to China cost less What paper work you have to do first in Singapore

Where is what in Singapore Singapore is about the size of the perimeter of Atlanta Downtown, Orchard road, is north of China town NUS is located in south, central Singapore National University of Singapore Ranks in top 10 in Asia/Pacific, among best Australian in addition to Japanese Universities Comprehensive program 30,000 students English instructions ( Campus map (about Tech size)

Questions Chen Zhou – Rebecca Miller – 404-894-7475 You will receive emergency contact cards at the next meeting .

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