Study of CP violation in BsJ/ decay G.Borissov Lancaster University, UK Matte

Study of CP violation in BsJ/ decay G.Borissov Lancaster University, UK Matte

Study of CP violation in BsJ/ decay G.Borissov Lancaster University, UK Matte

Curran, Donna, Food Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Study of CP violation in BsJ/ decay G.Borissov Lancaster University, UK Matter – antimatter asymmetry in addition to CPV Excess of baryons over anti-baryons is one of the biggest puzzles in explaining the creation of our Universe; It is not described by the existing theories of nucleosynthesis; CP violation, resulting in different properties of matter in addition to antimatter – necessary ingredient as long as explaining this excess ( in addition to our existence); It provides a mechanism to generate a net baryon number through a faster decay of anti-particles; CPV in St in addition to ard Model The only source of CPV in the St in addition to ard Model – complex quark-mixing matrix (CKM matrix):

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CPV in St in addition to ard Model Condition of unitarity (V†V=1), in addition to the freedom to redefine phases of quark eigenstates results in three real mixing angles in addition to a single complex phase of the CKM matrix: This single phase is sufficient to describe all CPV phenomena observed so far; Unitarity Triangle The most recent success of the St in addition to ard Model – test of one of unitarity relations (“The Unitarity Triangle”): All CP-conserving in addition to CP-violating measurements so far confirm this relation; Need of New Physics Regardless all success of the SM in describing the CPV phenomena, the magnitude of the CPV in the SM is too small (~15 orders of magnitude) to explain the observed asymmetry between matter in addition to antimatter; The mere fact of our existence dem in addition to s the new sources of the CPV beyond the st in addition to ard model; The search of these sources is one of the main goals of current in addition to future experiments;

Strategy of search A promising strategy of this search is to study the processes where the St in addition to ard Model predicts a small CPV, in addition to extensions of the St in addition to ard Model predict large CPV effects; Deviation from the zero level is much easier to observe; St in addition to ard Model uncertainties usually much smaller; This strategy is adopted in DØ experiment DØ Detector Key elements as long as B-physics: Muon system; Muon trigger; Solenoid + Toroid; Polarities of magnets are regularly reversed; Tracking with precise vertex detector; Wide acceptance up to ~2; DØ Muon System Large acceptance < 2.2; Excellent triggering; Cosmic ray rejection; Low punch-through; Local measurement of muon charge in addition to momentum; High purity of muon ID; Delivered Luminosity These results correspond to the recorded luminosity 2.8 fb-1 Time dependent analysis of BsJ/ decay Disclaimer: too many letters "","" are used in a different context Bs system Contrary to any other system, Bs is strongly mixed; Two physical states BsH (heavy) in addition to BsL (light) have distinct masses in addition to lifetimes: M12 in addition to 12 are elements of complex mass matrix (M-i /2) of Bs system; s- CP violating phase; s, s , Ms in addition to s are 4 parameters describing Bs system Decay BsJ/ The final state is a mixture of CP-even in addition to CP-odd state; The decay is described by 3 complex amplitudes: A0 , A , A; CP-even Bs state decays through A0 , A amplitudes; CP-odd state decays through A; The time evolution of these amplitudes is different if the BsL in addition to BsH have different width; In presence of CP violation, the time evolution of amplitudes as long as Bs(0) in addition to is different; We can obtain the width of BsL in addition to BsH in addition to the CP violating phase by studying the evolution in time of the angular distributions of BsJ/ decay products; CP violating phase s CP violation is predicted to be very small as long as BsJ/ : Contribution of the new physics can modify this prediction. In general as long as m: Any large non-zero value of the phase s will be a clear in addition to unambiguous indication of the new physics contribution; Ingredients of analysis Exclusive selection of the decay BsJ/ ; Precise measurement of Bs lifetime; Angular distributions; Tagging of the initial Bs flavour; Likelihood fit including angular variables, Bs mass in addition to lifetime; BsJ/ Selection Select J/+- in addition to K+K-; 1967±65 Bs C in addition to idates Flight length significance > 5 Measurement of Bs lifetime Since we use the exclusive decay, the lifetime resolution is very good: (c) 25 m; Angular distributions For an initial Bs(0) state, the angular distributions can be presented as: For an initial state, the angular distributions are: Angular functions g(k)(,,) are the same as long as Bs(0) in addition to

3 angles Angular Distributions Evolution of amplitudes in time as long as Bs(0) (upper sign) in addition to as long as (lower sign): Here the CP violating phase s= 2s+ s; s is the possible contribution of new physics;

Evolution of amplitudes in time (continued) Here: Normalization at t=0: Flavor tagging of initial state Amplitudes are different as long as Bs(0) in addition to as long as The initial state of the Bs meson is determined by the flavor tagging; To do this, we identify the set of properties of the B hadron opposite to the reconstructed Bs meson (opposite-side tagging), or the properties of particles accompanying the reconstructed Bs meson (same-side tagging); These properties should have different distribution as long as Bs(0) in addition to . Different properties as long as flavor tagging From the opposite side: Charge of secondary lepton (muon or electron); Jet charge of secondary vertex; Pt- Weighted charge of all tracks from the opposite side; From the same side: charge of track closest to Bs direction; Jet charge of tracks from primary vertex; All properties are combined into a single variable “d”;

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Per as long as mance of tagging Per as long as mance of flavor tagging is described in terms of “dilution”: Ncor – Number of correct tags; Nwr – Number of wrong tags; Calibration of D(d) is per as long as med using the MC events; Agreement between data in addition to MC is verified using B± J/ K± events, where the initial flavor is known; Equivalent tagging power of flavor tagging: Dilution versus tagging variable d in B±J/ K± events as long as data in addition to MC Likelihood fit We per as long as m unbinned likelihood fit to the proper time, mass of (J/ ), in addition to 3 decay angles; There are 32 parameters in the fit describing the background, the mass in addition to lifetime resolution: fsig – fraction of the signal in the sample; Fsig (Fbck) – distribution of signal (background) in mass proper decay time in addition to 3 decay angles; Constraints of the fit We constraint Ms=17.77 ± 0.12 ps-1 (from CDF) The fit still has two-fold ambiguity: > 0, cos( s) > 0, cos(1) > 0, cos(2) < 0; < 0, cos( s) < 0, cos(1) < 0, cos(2) > 0; These phases were measured by Babar in a similar decay BdJ/ K (hep-ex/0704.0522). The solution with 1<0, 2>0 is preferred both experimentally in addition to theoretically; Following the approximate SU(2) flavor symmetry, we constraint 1, 2 to the world average values: 1= 0.46; 2= 2.92 measured in BdJ/ K, with the Gaussian of width /5 to allow the SU(2) symmetry breaking;

Results of the fit Three scenarios: Free CP violating phase s; s 0.04 (SM prediction); s = sSM cos s; Contour plot Contours are at (-2 ln L) = 2.30 (CL = 0.683) in addition to 4.61 (CL = 0.90); The cross has (-2 ln L) =1. Likelihood scan Likelihood scan shows a clear minimums with significance > 2.5 both as long as s in addition to as long as s:

Results of the fit odd even

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