Sub-Project 2 : Multimedia Distribution Plat as long as ms as long as Cyber-Physical Systems

Sub-Project 2 : Multimedia Distribution Plat as long as ms as long as Cyber-Physical Systems

Sub-Project 2 : Multimedia Distribution Plat as long as ms as long as Cyber-Physical Systems

Frimage, Chris, Music Director;Afternoon Drive Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Sub-Project 2: Multimedia Distribution Plat as long as ms as long as Cyber-Physical SystemsNUS PI: Roger ZimmermannZJU PI: TBDNUS Co-PIs: Ben LeongZJU Co-PIs: TBD1/7/20121Motivation (1)Challenge Current large-scale multimedia systems, such as networked games, are mostly built based on an integrated digital media distribution architecture that is designed from scratch as long as each application.Goal Aims to design a general-purpose, extensible common plat as long as m that addresses the requirements of all networked CPS apps.For example:Media transmission protocolsSensor- in addition to meta-data annotations 1/7/20122Motivation (2)TrendsUser-generated video content is growing rapidly.Mobile devices make it easy to capture video. Example Mobile Video Scenario (GeoVid)Viewable scene modeling (i.e., geo-properties)Video in addition to (sensor) meta-data acquisitionIndexing, querying, in addition to presentation of results1)d2)3)1/7/20123

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Ex.: Spato-Temporal Range Query on Video StreamsVideo 2Video 1Queryarea1/7/20124Search in addition to Result Presentation (2D)http://geovid.org1/7/20125GeoVid Demonstration

Architecture of Mobile Sensor-Rich Video Management SystemMobile DeviceUserQuery InterpreterIndexing in addition to StorageMeta-data ProcessorUserVideo RankingSpatio-temporal RelevanceMeta-dataViewable scene descriptionsVideo contentQuerySpatio-temporal range queryMissing Video frame requestVideo resultsSpatio-temporal overlap propertiesUser InterfaceMeta-data RepresentationVideo Summarization1/7/20127Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)Traditional media streaming (e.g., based on RTP/RTSP/RTCP) streaming faces several challenges in large-scale systems:Special-purpose servers/proxies/peers as long as media (complex)Difficulties in firewall traversal: protocols use both TCP in addition to UDP transmissionsDifficulties in caching data (no “web caching”)Advantage of RTP/RTSP/RTCPShort end-to-end latency1/7/20128DASH St in addition to ard (Dec. 2011)ISO/IEC St in addition to ard:“In as long as mation technology — MPEG systems technologies — Part 6: Dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH)”JTC 1/SC 29; FCD 23001-6Uses HTTP protocol to “stream” mediaDivides media into small chunks, i.e., streamletsMakes playback adaptiveEncode media into multiple different streamlet files, e.g., a low, medium, in addition to high quality version (different b in addition to width).Supported by: Move Networks, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, 1/7/20129

DASH LimitationsDASH st in addition to ard only describes server-to-client dissemination:Upload mechanism is undefined!We are working on a low latency DASH upload protocol as long as mobile devices.MPD: Media Presentation Description1/7/201210DASH Upload DesignFeatures:Real-time segmentation on the mobile deviceChunked, resumable upload via HTTPSegment-level, server-side transcoding as long as quality adaptation1/7/201211End-to-end startup latency on iPhone 4:[ACM MMSys 2012]1/7/20121212Smartphone AppsAndroid App Available as long as downloadiPhone App Available in the iTunes App Store

Search in addition to Result Presentation (3D) e.g., with Google Earth1/7/201213Other ResearchPeer-to-peer video in addition to audio streamingTexture streaming in virtual worldsGeo-graphic routing in addition to sensor networksMesh networkingVoIP in addition to HD communicationsEtc.Multimedia Distribution Plat as long as ms as long as Cyber-Physical SystemsCore deliverablesThe cyber-physical node server that would effectively be the web-server equivalent as long as the cyber-physical web.The hyper-renderer client as long as a cyber-physical environment server – equivalent of the normal web-browser as long as the cyber-physical web server.Co-space, which is the whole system, comprising of the servers, middleware, in addition to the clients, will then be used to develop the various cyber-physical applications.1/7/201215

Thank Youhttp://geovid.orgFurther in as long as mation Zimmermann, Seon Ho Kim, Ben Leong Sakire Arslan Ay, Beomjoo Seo, Min Min Htoon, Liang Ke, Hao Jia, Wang Guanfeng, Ma He, Fang Shunkai, Zhang Lingyan, Shen Zhijie, Zhang Ying, Cui Weiwei, Yin YifangNational Universityof SingaporeUniversity ofSouthern Cali as long as nia1/7/201216

Frimage, Chris KFMA-FM Music Director;Afternoon Drive Host

Frimage, Chris Music Director;Afternoon Drive Host

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