Subject Pool Subject Pool Introduction What is Subject Pool?


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Subject Pool Subject Pool Introduction What is Subject Pool?

Eastern Conservatory of Music, US has reference to this Academic Journal, What is Subject Pool? A pool of students from lower division psychology courses who participate as Human Subjects in social science research conducted at LMU as part of their educational experience. Subject Pool Introduction You will be participating in a variety of research studies as part of your educational experience at LMU. This is a presentation of guidelines in consideration of your part in this process in addition to directions in gaining your credit hours required in consideration of this course. Subject Pool Students from lower division Psychology courses participate as Human Subjects (PSYC 100, 101, & 105) Researchers use the Human Subjects so that fill out surveys or participate in research studies in order in consideration of data so that be collected.

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Why do we need a Subject Pool? To collect scientific data from Human Subjects in order so that further our understanding about human behavior To provide advanced undergraduate students in addition to LMU faculty alongside a pool of research participants in consideration of their research studies To provide LMU students alongside a hands on experience alongside social science research What is required in consideration of my course as a research option? Students are required so that complete a research component in consideration of their class. Students do not have so that participate in research studies in order so that receive credit in consideration of this research component (they may instead complete an alternative assignment approved by the course instructor.) Students must complete at least 3 hours of research participation or an appropriate number of approved alternatives. Sona Systems Sona-systems is a Human Subject Pool internet management system. It is an easy system that allows you so that log on so that the internet so that find the studies, times, in addition to locations available in consideration of you so that participate in these studies.

How do I participate in a research experiment? Log into: lmu.sona-systems User ID: Initial of first name then last name Password: Birthday in six digits: 100386 Sign up in consideration of experiments on line Check your credits earned online Logging on so that Sona Systems Welcome so that the LMU Psychology Dept. Subject Pool Announcement:Welcome so that the Subject Pool User ID: ______________ Password: ____________ LOGIN Available Studies As studies become available in consideration of your participation they will be listed on the Sona Systems management system. They will be posted on the Subject Pool bulletin board next so that the Subject Pool office in University Hall, in addition to may be announced in your class. Read the individual description of these studies in addition to check so that see if you are eligible. Sign up: If you wish so that participate in a particular study, sign up in consideration of a specific time online.

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Consequences of Being Tardy If you are more than 5 minutes late in consideration of a research study you will not be able so that participate in the study, in addition to you will be penalized an equivalent amount of time that the study was worth. Cancellation Instructions if you need so that cancel an appointment: lmu.sona-systems Click on My Schedule/Credits Cancel 24 hours in advance Choose the particular experiment you have signed up in consideration of in addition to click the cancellation button You will see a confirmation page If you do not cancel, you will be penalized an equivalent amount of time that the study was worth. For example: if the research study is worth one hour of credit in addition to you did not show or cancel 24 hours in advance you will be penalized one hour. Tracking your Progress Log on so that Sona-systems Click on My Schedule/Credits The screen will show you the number of credits you are required so that earn as well as how many you have earned thus far All the studies you have signed up in consideration of will be listed. If you fail so that appear in consideration of a study a penalty will be displayed in your progress & will increase the number of credits you must earn

What can I expect when I show up in consideration of a study? The experimenter(s) will be waiting in consideration of you in addition to will greet you. You will be asked so that sign a consent form, which informs you of your rights as a subject in addition to the responsibilities of the researchers. The experimenter(s) will explain your involvement in the study you have signed up for. When the study is complete the experimenter(s) will explain so that you the general purpose of the study in addition to answer any questions that you may have. You will receive a participation slip that you must complete in addition to hold on so that in order so that verify your attendance if needed. The experimenter(s) will grant you credit within one week of the session. Other Important Information All research in the psychology department is conducted according so that the guidelines set by the American Psychological Association in addition to must meet the approval of the LMU Institutional Review Board before posting in the Human Subject Pool. Contact Info The Subject Pool Office is staffed by students who take care of the daily activity of the subject pool in addition to are available so that answer any questions you might have. University Hall 4727 310.338.3737 Subpool@lmu

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