Suicide Prevention Presenter Training Background Prevention of suicide is a prio

Suicide Prevention Presenter Training Background Prevention of suicide is a prio

Suicide Prevention Presenter Training Background Prevention of suicide is a prio

Applegate, Elizabeth, Executive Producer, Prime News has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Suicide Prevention Presenter Training Background Prevention of suicide is a priority in both the Navy in addition to Marine Corps! Topic of Suicide often triggers strong emotions in addition to reactions Likely that many in audience have been touched in addition to affected by someone who has completed suicide Strategies Don’t know all the answers about suicide! (No one does) Know where to refer someone in need of assistance! Use the ACT Response Strategy A = ASK C = CARE T = TRANSPORT AND TREAT

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Planning Be ready as long as the unexpected! Have as long as m that asks participants about suicide Has a family member, friend, or co-worker committed or thought about suicide (Not uncommon to have 90% of audience) Have you thought about suicide in last year Last 30 days (Not uncommon) Know where to refer people as long as help Know the material well Keep the class small Good room in addition to environment Go early in addition to stay late- often participants want in addition to need to talk! Common Speaking Mistakes Nervous in front of group Reading the slides in addition to presentation Digressing & rambling Um, uh in addition to other expressions Speaking too gruffly or quietly Unusual gestures Common Mistakes- Suicide Prevention Overuse of humor Under prepared Focus only on stats/data in addition to not the person Answering questions in addition to not really knowing the correct response Not knowing own limitations

Know the Audience Forced to attend Bored, uninterested Uncom as long as table with topic of suicide Comm in addition to climate Timing of brief Individual history plus family in addition to friends background Grief, anger Presenting Ideas Co-Present on Suicide Prevention Follow the GMT/Military Lecture Plans & Guidelines Practice, practice in addition to more practice! Speak with confidence Bring suicide prevention resources- brochures, posters, h in addition to outs Suicide Prevention Key Messages Shipmates help shipmates! What to look as long as ! What to do – ACT Now! Where to go as long as assistance! Getting help is Good! Suicide Prevention is Everyone’s Business!

Helping Fears Don’t know what to do Discom as long as t Rejection Anger/frustration Helping won’t work Trigger own issues What Not to Do! Don’t get MAD about Suicide! M – Miss signs of suicide Ignore issue of Suicide Do not take their suicide talk in addition to behavior seriously! A – Avoid signs of suicide Keep a secret Act disinterested D – Disregard signs of suicide Don’t ask about suicide Debate in addition to challenge 24-7 Helping- Phone Resources National Suicide Prevention 1-800-273-TALK Military One Source 1-800-342-9647

DON Suicide Prevention Resources Navy in addition to support/suicideprevention USMC General Prevention Resources AAS AFSP CDC NIMH Real Men Real Depression http://men in addition to SAVE SPAN SPRC

Applegate, Elizabeth KTLA-TV Executive Producer, Prime News

Applegate, Elizabeth Executive Producer, Prime News

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