Summary of the Electroweak Symmetry Breaking working group Part 1: Experiments Summary

Summary of the Electroweak Symmetry Breaking working group Part 1: Experiments Summary

Summary of the Electroweak Symmetry Breaking working group Part 1: Experiments Summary

Sherwood, Lyn, Freelance Bullfighting Reporter has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Summary of the Electroweak Symmetry Breaking working group Part 1: Experiments Dhiman Chakraborty Northern Illinois University WIN07, Kolkata, India 15-20 January, 2007 In as long as mative, stimulating, engaging talks from collider experiment collaborations Reports from the LHC, Tevatron, HERA: Experiment status in addition to commissioning (2) Electroweak measurements (3) Studies of the top quark (2) Higgs searches (1) Searches as long as physics beyond the St in addition to ard Model (3) CMS status, commissioning in addition to early physics prospects (L. Malgeri)

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CMS physics roadmap 100 fb -1 /yr 1000 fb -1 /yr 3000 300 30 10-20 fb -1 /yr First physics run: O(1fb-1) SUSY@1TeV SUSY@3TeV Z f @6TeV ADD X-dim@9TeV Compositeness@40TeV H(120GeV) 100 fb -1 /yr 1000 fb -1 /yr 200 fb -1 /yr 3000 300 30 10-20 fb -1 /yr SUSY@1TeV SUSY@3TeV Z f @6TeV ADD X-dim@9TeV Compositeness@40TeV H(120GeV) gg Higgs@200GeV Summary CMS assembling in addition to commissioning is going full speed No major obstacles as long as eseen on the road Recent MTCC, software challenges have proven that: CMS can work with full magnetic field CMS sub-detectors can work as a single detector The DAQ in addition to (new!) software is ready as long as prime-time CMS started to be lowered in the pit A full physics commissioning plan is setup: alignment in addition to calibration re-discover SM possible early discoveries Initial CMS will be ready as long as collisions in 2007 ATLAS detector status in addition to early physics (S. Tanaka) Inner Tracking (<2.5, B=2T) : Silicon pixels in addition to strips Transition Radiation Detector (+e/ separation) Solenoid B=2T Calorimetry (<5) : EM : Pb-LAr with Accordion shape HAD: Fe/scintillator (central), Cu/W-LAr (fwd) Muon Spectrometer (<2.7) : Air-core toroids with muon chambers (Trigger + Precise measurements) Length : ~45 m Height : ~25 m Weight : ~ 7000 tons Electronic channels : ~ 108 ~ 3000 km of cables ATLAS physics roadmap With early 14 TeV run, (~10pb-1) Study minimum-bias, di-jet, pile-up events (~100pb-1) Missing ET,, Jet Energy calibration (-> SUSY, Higgs) Top , W, Z , QCD b-jet (SM processes) (~ few fb-1) Early Higgs search (H->W+W-,ZZ) SUSY, BSM search (Miss ET, Di-Jet, Di-Lepton ) End of 2008 : will be record few fb-1 data. ATLAS summary The ATLAS detector is well on its way to be ready in 2007. Magnets : Solenoid, Barrel Toroid : operation OK. End-cap Toroid: will be install but some delay Inner Tracker: SCT+TRT : Barrel installed (Cosmic ray test independently) : End-cap will be install in Feb 2007. PXCEL: will be install in April 2007. (Schedule is tight) Calorimeter: Barrel LAr+ Tile : Installed in addition to start cosmic run End-cap will start cold operation from April 2007. Muon: Barrel parts (MDT+RPC) installed (some segments start cosmic run) End-Cap : 1 TGC Big Wheel (need 6 wheels) has installed MDT Wheel is now installing (will be install be as long as e beam closing) From autumn 2007, we will start to record 900 GeV data in addition to calibrate detector response as long as preparing 14 TeV run. ATLAS will be ready to enter the new high energy scale in 2008. Electroweak results from the Tevatron (C. Hays) New CDF measurement of W mass is world’s most precise Central value up by 6 MeV to 80398 MeV World avg uncertainty reduced by ~15% SM Higgs mass constrained to 80+36-26 GeV

Tevatron electroweak summary High-luminosity data samples are opening new physics windows. Most precise determination of W mass (CDF) Expect <25 MeV precision with 1.5 fb-1 data already collected. First observation of WZ production Expect most sensitive probes to anomalous WWZ couplings. First hint of Wradiation amplitude zero Expect to observe this quantum interference effect. Many other measurements of W in addition to Z boson properties constraining couplings in addition to PDFs. Electroweak results from HERA (E. Rizvi) Direct measurement of parity violation in neutral current interactions HERA electroweak summary Many interesting results coming from HERA experiments NC & CC measurements at EW scale Improvement of statistical precision through H1 & ZEUS combination Clear observation of parity violation in NC channel Simultaneous QCD & EW fits per as long as med on HERA data Determination of spacelike propagator mass in CC interactions Polarised CC date give direct sensitivity to WR limit set Extraction of light quark couplings to Z0 The St in addition to ard Model holds up extremely well Last six months of HERA operation Final analysis of complete HERA dataset will follow EW physics at the LHC (K. Mazumdar) Precision measurements can be done with early data. Stat. uncertainties will be negligible, thanks to huge cross sections. Final precision will be limited by underst in addition to ing of physics in addition to detector response. Knowledge of total luminosity will drive cross section measurements. Excellent momentum in addition to energy resolution as long as leptons (all flavors) in addition to jets (both light in addition to heavy) will be crucial: requires accurate in addition to precise alignment of detector elements (<1 m as long as inner tracking). High potential as long as tests of the SM through precision EW measurements. Studies of the top quark at Tevatron (E. Aguilo) Top mass measurement at the Tevatron Many analyses Evidence of single top production (via electroweak processes) at the Tevatron EVIDENCE!!! Tevatron top quark summary Rich program at Tevatron leading into the LHC era. July 2006 Tevatron combined top mass: mt = 171.4 ± 1.2 ± 1.7 GeV dominated by the CDF lepton+jets measurement: mt = 170.9 ± 1.6 ± 2.0 GeV The precision is better than expected! CDF combined top pair production cross section: tt) = 7.3 ± 0.5 ± 0.7 pb Evidence of electroweak single top production has been found at DØ with the Decision Trees analysis. Measured cross section: t) = 4.9 ± 1.4 pb (3.4) And a first direct measurement of Vtb has been made: 0.68 < Vtb < 1 @ 95% CL Top physics at the LHC (G. Steinbrück) Pair production cross section: ~870 pb (NLO), i.e. ~120x tevatron Run 2. ~87% via gluon fusion, ~13% via quark annihilation Rate ~ 1Hz at 1033cm-2s-1LHC is a top factory unlike the Tevatron. Differential x-sec become more powerful! Single production rate enhanced similarly Many detailed studies have been done by ATLAS in addition to CMS to determine the physics potential in addition to the challenges as long as (top) physics. Top mass measurement is expected to reach the precision of 1 GeV. Tests of the SM through spin correlation, production kinematics Searches as long as new physics through deviations from SM predictitons (SM) Higgs physics at the LHC (L. Feligioni) Gluon Gluon fusion: Dominant production mode NLO correction important K = 1.7 Main contribution is gluon radiation many events with at least one jet NNLO cross section known Sig(NNLO)/Sig(NLO) = 1.3 Vector Boson Fusion: small K factor ~ 1.1 Small jet multiplicity in final state No color exchange between quarks large energetic jets at small pT Low hadronic activity in central region from hard event a part from Higgs decay Production with Gauge boson: Known NNLO as long as QCD in addition to EW corrections Production with heavy quarks: More complicated final state More than 10 diagrams, known at NLO (SM) Higgs decay Light Higgs (110

Searches at HERA as long as beyond-SM physics (A. Raval) Model dependent searches Leptoquarks Lepton flavor violation Excited fermions Single top production Doubly charged Higgs Supersymmetry Model independent searches Events with isolated leptons in addition to missing ET Tau production Multi-lepton production Magnetic monopoles General searches Limits from precision measurements NC DIS: CI, LEDs, quark radius CC DIS: Right-h in addition to ed weak currents Summary of HERA searches as long as BSM physics New results on Leptoquarks Compositeness Large Extra Dimensions Excited fermions Supersymmetry HERA results competitive in most areas in addition to complementary in others Interesting excess/fluctuations (H1 excess in high-pT multiilepton events not confirmed by ZEUS) ! Still more HERA II data to come (until March 07) Summary This summer HERA will conclude 14 years of successful studies of lepton-neucleon scattering at the highest energies Tevatron is going strong, expected to run till 2009 (20 years!). Exciting results have been emerging steadily. Many more are expected. SM is still holding its ground. Search as long as the Higgs in addition to new physics are on – more data than current have yet to come. LHC experiments are on course to start taking data this year. Revolutionary discoveries of new physics are expected in the coming years. For details, see the many excellent talks at this conference – thanks to all the speakers. Thanks to the organizers as long as hosting this fruitful in addition to enjoyable event, in addition to to the participants as long as making it a success.

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