Sustainable Hotel Design Site Analysis Group Aims Group Aims

Sustainable Hotel Design Site Analysis Group Aims Group Aims

Sustainable Hotel Design Site Analysis Group Aims Group Aims

Del Rosso, Laura, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Sustainable Hotel Design Presentation 2 Passive Design Group 5 Site Analysis Site C Panoramic Views Better Access “Easier” Excavation Less Visual Impact Greatest Water Source Group Aims Passive Design Design out mechanical services as much as possible Dem in addition to Reduction

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Group Aims Simulation as long as m, fabric, orientation Ventilation in addition to Air flow Building Layout Base Case ‘Shoe box’ 2 Storey Floor Area 82×18 = 1476m² Volume 82x18x6 = 8856m³ Glazing area 30% each façade Construction U-value 0.3 W/m²k Operations: occupancy, lighting, equipment Control – heating set point 15ºC N Orientation Does orientation make a difference 1.8% change in heating requirement from best to worst. 3369 kWh Annual heating requirement 3432 kWh 3391 kWh 3384 kWh

Form Panoramic Views Building Layout Orientation L-shape 3416 kWh 3412 kWh 3438kWh 3438 kWh Confirms that orientation does not make much of a difference Less than 1% change in heat loss Glazing Areas South glazing 70% optimum Decrease in north glazing gives a decrease in heat loss A decrease in north glazing from 30 -15% only gives a 2.7% decrease in heat loss NORTH SOUTH

Materials in addition to Constructions Marc Smeed Construction Materials Base Case Material Cavity Wall U-Value 0.3W/m2K 3412kWhrs Construction Materials High insulation wall construction Has low U-value U-Value 0.2W/m2K 3324kWhrs Reduction 3.2%

Construction Materials High external Thermal mass + Well insulated U-Value 0.12W/m2K 3291 kWhrs Reduction 4.2% Construction Materials High internal Thermal mass + Well insulated U-Value 0.12W/m2K 3259 kWhrs Reduction 5% Glazing Base Case material St in addition to ard Double Glazing U-Value 2.75W/m2K 3412kWhrs

Glazing Low-E glass U-Value of 2.78 W/m2K 3191kWhrs Reduction 4.4% Glazing Low-E glass Triple Glazing U-Value of 1.78kW/m2K 2991kWhrs Reduction 10.4% Form in addition to Fabric Combining: Orientation Optimum Glazing Areas Materials Dem in addition to 2475kWhrs Overall dem in addition to reduction of – 28%

Heat Recovery in addition to Natural Ventilation Bruce Henry Ventilation as long as hotels Main criteria As Quiet as possible. Offer a high level of control to allow as long as maximum com as long as t. Increased ventilation as long as kitchen/gym in addition to swimming pool. Acoustic isolation from other rooms in addition to corridors. CIBSE Guide Highlighted areas of increased ventilation Swimming pool = 1.35 to 2m3/s 26-30°C Kitchen = >30ach 18-23°C Other areas Gym/Changing rooms = 10ach 24-25 °C Bedroom = >1ach 20-24°C Restaurant = 10 to 15ach 21-22°C Open spaces = 10 to 15ach 20-27°C

Dehumidification Area of concern in swimming pool/gym in addition to kitchen. Solution, increase supply of fresh. Consideration- to prevent condensation as long as ming in addition to provide occupants com as long as t Reducing power consumption 1)Heat recuperator Efficiency 60% 2)High efficiency fans 3)Frequency inverter Calculates air flow with respect to dehumidification load, combination of 2 in addition to 3 reduces power to 12.5% of maximum load 4)Heat recovery/Heat pump COP=3, supply 80% of seasonal heating requirement Low e coating in addition to removable shading Prevailing wind Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Under floor heating (ground source heat pump) Ducts from atrium Restaurant/ Office Heat Recuperator Corridor Extractor fans Winter Strategy Channels feed back to atrium

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Low e coating in addition to removable shading Prevailing wind Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Restaurant/ Office Heat Recuperator Corridor Extractor fans Summer Strategy Channels feed back to atrium Greig Paterson Building Design And Layout Initial Design N

Ground Level Circulation Staff Zones Food in addition to Drink Leisure Plant Rest Rooms N 1st Level Circulation Bedrooms N Conclusions Base Case Dem in addition to – 3412 kWh After Form, Fabric in addition to Orientation 28% Reduction CIBSE Guide Part F good practice 35% reduction on typical practice Base Case = Typical Practice

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