Ta- Nehisi Coates Hegemony American Exceptionalism

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Ta- Nehisi Coates Hegemony American Exceptionalism

Baur, Bernard, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Ta-Nehisi Coates Progress of white people (those who believe they are white) is built on violence “Government of the people” what has the US considered the word people to meanRace is the child of racism in addition to not the father—it is not about genealogy or physiognomy, but about hierarchy Hegemonybe as long as e white people were white they were Catholic, Corsican, Welsh, Mennonite, Jewish American ExceptionalismAmerica believes itself exceptional—we should accept American innocence at face value—Coates holds America to that high st in addition to ard

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Destruction of the Black Body Coates, speaking to his son, speaks of the vulnerability in addition to danger He doesn’t view police brutality as “a few bad apples,” but that the police are “Correctly en as long as cing the whims of our country” Page 10—page 11 the dream “This is your country, this is your world, this is your body”Vulnerability of the black body is not an accident or a pathology, it is correct in addition to intended policy of a society “the other world was suburban in addition to endless, organized by pot roasts, blueberry pies, ice cream sundaes, immaculate bathrooms in addition to small toy trucks” “personal responsibility”Certainty Constant questioning, questioning as ritual, questioning as exploration rather than the search as long as certaintyCurrent views on implicit bias training is unnecessary “The dream thrives on generalization, on limiting the number of possible questions, on privileging immediate answers. The Dream is the enemy of all art, courageous thinking, in addition to honest writing”

Softness (Soft eyes) No room as long as softness during Coates’ upbringingMelodrama Endures not only as an archaic holdover of the nineteenth-century stage play (virtuous victims in addition to leering villains)women’s films, chick flicks, Oprah confessions, not only as soap operas in addition to disease-of-the-week TV moviesWilliams recognizes it as an evolving mode of storytelling crucial to the establishment of moral good in a secular, liberal ageIt is not old-fashioned, creaky, stage-bound dramaIt seeks a justice that is part of the liberal sensibility that endures in The Wire Tragedy in addition to The Wire Many critics call it a tragedy, because it is serious in addition to realisticUnafraid of facing the worst aspects of American Life Linda Williams insists on calling it Melodrama even though the term brings with it many negative clichésThe Wire self-consciously avoids many of the well-known aesthetics of melodrama Most of the negative qualities we attribute to melodrama come from the 19th century stage

Melodrama, less enlightened than classical as long as ms Modernity of melodrama—not just frozen in the high hyperbole of the 19th Century French Stage Is it a callback to earlier as long as ms rather than a continued response to the changing conditions of modernityThe term is commonly tied to excess More excessive than whatAt the beginning of the 19th century Melodrama was excessive compared to the respected Neo-Classical Tragedy Excessive compared to the decorum, unity, in addition to efficiency of the earlier high culture as long as m of Neo-Classical TragedyNo gr in addition to gestures, no startling tableaux, no music etcHyperbolic, bigger than life, inflated rhetoric, unprecedented use of musicThe term comes from “le melodrame” drama with music What mattered most in this modern change to the theatre was not the excess of music, but that it was used at all When you walk through the gardenYou gotta watch your back Well I beg your pardonWalk the straight in addition to narrow track If you walk with JesusHe’s gonna save your soulYou gotta keep the devil way down in the hole Opening Music of The Wire: Lyrics

Music in The Wire There is none, except as long as the opening themeAnd season finale montage sequences Non-diegetic music Diegetic music Sounds that evoke emotions There aren’t specific cues indicating exactly how you should feel at any given time Absence of Music=Absence of MelodramaDoes this make the work more realistic as opposed to melodramaticHighly restricted use of music, repetitive serial nature of the per as long as mance of that music from the opening sequence Infrequent music, understated music, in addition to different versions of the same music do not undermine the power of melos to make an audience feel, but it can enhance it The absence of music doesn’t necessarily mean realismMaybe we have come full circle—mid-19th century (introduction of music to drama— in addition to now less music makes as long as more effective melodrama)Dem in addition to as long as Justice Melodrama has been increasingly approached less as a fly-by- night genre by academics like Peter Brooks in addition to Linda WilliamsLess as manipulative lower as long as m in addition to more of an enduring mode of expression in addition to experience In Greek Tragedy there is a constant theme of injustice, tragic heroes may rail against injustice, but eventually must accept their fate Melodrama dem in addition to s justice, while tragedy reconciles us to its lack

Blockbuster Films Pathos of the suffering victim turned righteous action hero is the convention of the contemporary popular melodrama Nietzschean Ressentiment Friedrich Wilhelm NietzscheOn the Genealogy of Morality 1887Examples of Melodramatic Imagination in American CultureConquest of the West Invasion of other CountriesWe imagine ourselves as suffering at the h in addition to of villainous others Or more prevalent at the end of the Viet-Nam era we are as long as ced to see ourselves as the villains As long as we can portray ourselves as victims we seem to morally deserve to conquer in addition to invade

The Wire recognizes, but does not always show institutional routes to good Enlists a as long as m of realism to generate outrage against realities that could in addition to should (according to its creators) be changed The emphasis on how things should be i.e. justice, renders it as melodrama rather than tragedy. a sense of hostility directed at that which one identifies as the cause of one’s frustration, that is, an assignment of blame as long as one’s frustration.If I suffer, self-righteousness contends, that I am good in addition to deserve to triumphIs melodrama condemned only to repeat these patterns of personal injury, suffering in addition to vindication RessentimentIs melodrama itself the problem as greater portions of the modern imagination have been given over to its influenceMatthew Buckley asks whether melodrama’s affective structures in addition to sensational effects have become by now “a normative as long as m of feeling in addition to thought”

In a variety of contexts it reassures an individual group of its inherent virtue as well as the villainy of those who threaten us “left melodrama” melodrama that particularly works in the American context towards social justice “War on Terror” American freedom was attacked by a villainous other in addition to the response to that attack ironically increased state power. Linda Williams asks if there could be a less self righteous melodrama—less dependent on wild swings between pathos in addition to action, less a matter of cycles of victimization in addition to retributive violence Can we reach beyond personal good or evil to determinations of better justice The WireBreaks some—not all—of the pervasive as long as ms of melodramatic thinking The seriality of The Wire in addition to the blurring of the lines between good in addition to evil showing multiple sitesIts central dilemma is that “good” is no-longer self evident in a neo-liberal worldThe drama, the realism, in addition to the tragic situations make us yearn as long as that “good” or justice without being overly simplistic

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Melodrama is a central as long as m of communication (poetics of modern life—according to Peter Brooks) Inextricable from popular media It should be part of our modern vocabulary We should be able to complain about it when its archaic qualities persistThe Mode of Melodrama still Holds us in its Grip!We should also appreciate it when it evolves into something new (As in the case of The Wire)It can be a tool with which mass culture makes a case as long as some kind of justice (not just a way of as long as ming simplistic views of good in addition to evil—sufferer in addition to villain) Validates aspirations of a liberal democracy in a neo-liberal era

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