Task 1: Context in consideration of Learning Teaching Event Tasks This is what needs so that be completed: PACT Some important language so that know.



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Task 1: Context in consideration of Learning Teaching Event Tasks This is what needs so that be completed: PACT Some important language so that know.

Bluefield College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Performance Assessment in consideration of California Teachers PACT PACT is a consortium of teacher preparation programs that have joined together so that develop a teacher performance assessment. Successful completion of the teaching performance assessment is required so that earn a California Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential. There are 3 CCTC approved teaching performance assessments in California; PACT, CalTPA, FAST. * PACT Some important language so that know. Teaching Event: 3-5 hours of instruction?except art 8-10 hours Teaching Event Handbook: Contains the instructions so that complete the Teaching Event. Learning Segment: A set of lessons that build one upon another toward a central purpose, alongside a clearly defined beginning in addition to end. Central Focus of Learning: The target of the student learning that the standards, learning objectives, instructional tasks, in addition to assessments within a learning segment are intended so that produce. A central focus can be expressed by a theme, overarching concept, or essential question. Academic Language: the language needed by students so that understand in addition to communicate in the academic disciplines; includes specialized vocabulary, conventional text structures within a field (e.g., essays, lab reports) in addition to other language-related activities typical of classrooms, (e.g., expressing disagreement, discussing an issue, asking in consideration of clarification). Academic language includes both productive in addition to receptive modalities (see glossary in Teaching Event Handbook). ΓΏ * Teaching Event Tasks This is what needs so that be completed: Task 1: Context in consideration of Learning Task 2: Planning Instruction & Assessment Task 3: Instructing Students & Supporting Learning Task 4: Assessing Student Learning Task 5: Reflecting on Teaching & Learning Complete each of these tasks directly from the Teaching Event Handbook. E-mail the completed tasks as attachments so that 373B instructor so that receive feedback Final responses so that tasks will be put into TaskStream *

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Task 1: Context in consideration of Learning Context Form: Basic information about the ONE class selected in consideration of your Teaching Event. Context Commentary (commentary are questions (prompts) so that be answered.) These prompts request information about your students such as their levels of academic, social in addition to language skills; in addition to any family/community factors. * Task 2: Planning Instruction & Assessment Lesson Plans in consideration of Learning Segment Instructional Materials (handouts, PPT?s assessments or any other materials used in the Learning Segment) Planning Commentary which explains your lesson plans, why you think the lesson plans should work. * Task 3: Instructing Students & Supporting Learning Video Clips (the exact instructions in consideration of what so that video are explained in the Teaching Event Handbook in Task 3 in addition to should be followed. Video Label Form Instruction Commentary, an analysis of your video clips. *

Task 4: Assessing Student Learning Copies of student work (could be photographs) Evaluative criteria or rubric used so that evaluate the ONE assessment that you are focusing your descriptions in consideration of Task 4. Assessment Commentary describing how well the assessment worked. * Task 5: Reflecting on Teaching & Learning Daily Reflections: What worked, what didn?t work, what you changed from lesson so that lesson of the Learning Segment. This should be completed daily while you are teaching the learning segment. Reflection Commentary * Rubrics are used so that score your PACT 3 Planning rubrics covering tasks 1 & 2 2 Instruction rubrics covering task 3 3 Assessment rubrics covering task 4 2 Reflection rubrics covering task 5 2 rubrics covering Academic Language. Academic Language should be evident throughout tasks 1-5 *

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Academic Language should be evidenced in every task. * Criteria in consideration of selecting a class in consideration of the Teaching Event English Language Learners Classroom Management Learning * Identify Learning Segment in consideration of Tasks 1-5 Identify a concept that will be taught not a standard. Discuss alongside CT in addition to supervisor? What will be your Learning Segment. When the Learning Segment will be taught. The Learning Segment can be part of a larger unit, but will not be the entire unit of study. The Learning Segment does not necessarily need so that be sequential, but it must have a central focus of learning. Learning Segment instructions are described on p. 1 in the Teaching Event Handbook under the sub-heading ?Select a learning segment.? *

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