Technology in addition to Future Trends to Wealth Creation Organization History Interdisciplinary opportunities The Future What is Knowledge

Technology in addition to Future Trends to Wealth Creation Organization History Interdisciplinary opportunities The Future What is Knowledge

Technology in addition to Future Trends to Wealth Creation Organization History Interdisciplinary opportunities The Future What is Knowledge

Halladay, Tom, Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Technology in addition to Future Trends to Wealth Creation Ken Dozier NASA Far West RTTC 1/28/2004 Organization History 1967 NIAC Started 1976 Subsidized In as long as mation Searches 1982 In as long as mation Services Exp in addition to ed, RISS Launched 1984 Affiliate Network Starts 1991 Affiliate Network Exp in addition to s 1992 USC Selected as RTTC 1994 Wins TRP Award 1997 ETTC Formed Far West Mid – Continent Southeast Mid-West Northeast Mid-Atlantic Since 1958, as part of its founding goals, NASA has played a key role in technology transfer between the government in addition to commercial sector.

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Interdisciplinary opportunities Info-Tech Nano-Tech Bio-Tech Copyright SRI International 2002 The Future “When the Rate of Change Outside is Greater Than the Rate of Change Inside, The End Is In Sight” Jack Welch, Chairmen General Electric What is Knowledge Truth Knowledge Belief Universal No Debate Effect Social Converge on debate Cause Personal Diverge on debate Cause 10 Philosophical Mistakes (Adler 85)

The Future “Man will never reach the moon, regardless of all future scientific advances” Lee De Forest, Radio Pioneer, 1957 “where The ENIAC is equipped with 18,000 vacuum tubes in addition to weighs 30 tons, computer in the the future may have only 1,000 vacuum tubes in addition to weigh only 1.5 tons” – Popular Mechanics, 1949 “I predict the internet Will go spectacularly supernova in addition to in 1996 catastrophically collapse ” – Bob Metcalfe, 3COM founder in addition to inventor, 1995 “This ‘Telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us” – Western Union, Internal memo, 1876 “The problem with television is that the people must sit in addition to keep their eyes glued on a screen; The average American family hasn’t time as long as it” – New York Times, 1949 “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home” – Ken Olson, president in addition to founder, Digital Equipment Corp., 1977 Source: “The Future is Ours” Communication of the ACM, March 2001 Global Competition Source: The 2003 World Competitiveness Yearbook IMD International Canada Malaysia Germany Taiwan United Kingdom France Mexico Thail in addition to 1. 2. Gates “Microsoft” Xerox Jobs “Apple” Xerox Clark “SGI” E&S, Stan as long as d Clark “Netscape” University of Illinois Developers Drivers The Non-Linear

1st Perspective Knowledge is a New Kind of Asset The foundation of industrialized economy is shifting from natural resources to intellectual assets (Hansen 99) (Davis 98) Knowledge assets are viewed as factors of production that may be more important than traditional resources of capital, labor in addition to l in addition to . (Davis 98) Converging technologies in addition to rapid innovations can trans as long as m markets Overnight . Administrative systems no longer provide the underpinnings of value creation. (Teece 98) Reward goes to those who are good a sensing in addition to seizing opportunities. Dynamic capabilities are most likely to be resident in firms that are highly entrepreneurial. (Teece 98) 2nd Perspective Entrepreneurship Super Normal Wealth Creator Business Environments Have Become Hypercompetitive because of the High Magnitude in addition to Velocity of Interfirm Rivalries (D’Aveni, 94) Innovations in Products, Services, Business Processes, in addition to Organizational Designs are Creating Dramatic Discontinuities in Product- Market Spaces in addition to Disrupting the Traditional Approaches to Competitive Strategies in addition to Business Conduct (Christensen, 97) In the Short Run, Entrepreneurial Firms Reaps Supernormal Returns (Create Wealth) as Established Incumbents in addition to Rivals Seek to Underst in addition to the Competitive Disruptions in their Market Space.(Christensen 97) Thus Competition Occurs in the Form of a Series of Market Disruption Moves by New Entrants or Entrepreneurial Firms in addition to Ef as long as ts by Incumbents in addition to Rivals to Shape Their Response Actions (Young et al 96) Typical Waterfall model Six Stages basic research, development research, product in addition to process ideas, prototype, production, diffusion Criticisms Too much focus on the solution “push” basic research not the only initiator stage relationship between research in addition to commercialization is too complex to be linear Users are the key “pull” to the problems in addition to markets Traditional Entrepreneurship Sung

2001 study of startup companies across: Software telecom (35%), Bio-med (19%), Computers (16%), in addition to Semi-conductors (10.8%) Most innovation at application stage (55%), development ( 22%), research (12%) production (9%) Age: Linear older ( 35-45), non linear (25-35) Education: Linear more (28%P,42%M,30%B), Non Linear (7.5%P, 22%M,67%B) Experience: Linear narrower (59% research, 35% commerce), Nonlinear (37% research, 29% commerce, 17% education) Both groups agreed on success factors: business plan, leadership, technical skills, management skills, in addition to location New Non-Linear Model 3rd Perspective Entrepreneurial Firms Represent a New Online Community Network computing, supported by advanced communications infrastructure, can facilitate collaborative entrepreneuralism (Teece 98) Successful business models set themselves apart in their communication design leading to a deconstruction of traditional value chains in addition to the emergence of value Webs. (Lechner 01) The most critical factor as long as a venture business success is how to implement in addition to commercialize lab-based technology/knowledge/ideas into actual products in addition to /or services (Sung 01) Entrepreneurial firms use knowledge to reshape clusters of assets in distinctive in addition to unique combinations to serve ever changing customer needs. (Teece 98) The key sources of wealth creation at the dawn of the new millennium will lie with new enterprise as long as mation. (Teece 98) Incubators in addition to Science Parks created to bridge gap between development in addition to commercialization Chart Source: Corporate In as long as mation Systems, Applegate Venture: Niche markets, public trading (pull) Federal Agencies, SBIR: Mission Based, Linear (push) Universities: Curiosity Based, emerging, (push) Chabol (large companies) hierarchy, products based, (push) Make & Sell vs. Sense & Respond

Moore’s Law Copyright SRI International 2002 Exponential Value of Interconnections Possibility as long as creating N(2(N-1)-1) value Copyright SRI International 2002 Copyright SRI International 2002 Exponential Economy An increasing attribute of our knowledge age

Business Taxonomy Knowledge Taxonomies (Teece 98) Tacit (Social) / Codified (Explicit) Observable[product] / Not Observable[process] Positive (Failures)/ Negative (Successes) Autonomous (St in addition to Alone)/ Systematic (Part of a System) Protected (Patent, TM, CW) /Not Protected (Trade Secret) Industry Clusters “Industry Cluster”: collections of competing in addition to collaborating industries in a region networked into horizontal in addition to vertical relationships, involving strong common buyer-supplier linkages, in addition to relying on a shared foundation of specialized economic institutions. Because they are built around export-oriented firms, industry clusters bring new wealth into a region an help drive the regions economic growth. Industry Cluster Electronic Key Export Oriented Firms Key Supplier Oriented Firms Key Economic Infrastructure Providers Consumer Electronic Assembly Computer Hardware Assembly Tool, Die & Machinery Office & Production Supply Specialized Component Supply Education & Training Institutions Physical Infrastructure Providers Financial in addition to Regulatory Institutions (ERI/McGraw Hill,”America’s Clusters”,1995) B01-039 Industry Clusters (ERI/McGraw Hill,”America’s Clusters”,1995)

Cali as long as nia Council on Science in addition to Technology 2004 Nanotechnology Timeline Cali as long as nia Council on Science in addition to Technology 2004 Cinema Master Workflow

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