Teens in addition to Distracted Driving Introduction Introduction Introduction Survey Please answer Yes or No on your responders.

Teens in addition to Distracted Driving Introduction Introduction Introduction Survey Please answer Yes or No on your responders. www.phwiki.com

Teens in addition to Distracted Driving Introduction Introduction Introduction Survey Please answer Yes or No on your responders.

Seward, Jayne, Fashion Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Teens in addition to Distracted Driving Introduction 80% of crashes in addition to 65% of near crashes involved some sort of driver distraction. Teens are 4x more likely to be in a wreck then drivers over age 30. Introduction Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death as long as 16-20 year olds. 5,500 fatalities annually. 450,000 injuries annually.

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Introduction 14% of all deaths due to motor vehicle accidents involve a teenage driver. 53% of the time teen driver deaths occur on weekends. Survey Please answer Yes or No on your responders. Have you ever spoken on a cell phone while driving Have you ever sent text messages while driving Have you ever had a conversation with a friend while driving Survey Please answer Yes or No on your responders. Do you listen to the radio while driving Do you adjust the station on your radio or change the CD while driving Do you drive when you are tired Do you eat in addition to drive

Survey Please answer Yes or No on your responders. Girls – do you put on makeup while driving Do you have a GPS system that you use while driving Do you listen to your iPod while driving DWT: Driving while texting How many of you would consider writing a paper or watching a movie on your laptop while driving Texters in the US sent 158 billion messages last year. Up 95% from 2005. 13% of teens admit to texting while driving. DWT: Driving while texting The average teen takes their eyes off of the road 10% of the time. That jumps to 40% when a teen is texting while driving. Texting means a 400% increase in the amount of time that your eyes are off the road.

DWT: Driving while texting 140% increase in lane violations while texting. Many states are now banning texting while driving. Fines are as high as $101 per text in some states. Driving While Using Your Cell Phone Talking on your cell phone while driving is the most common distraction drivers face. In many states it is already illegal as long as teenagers in addition to adults to use their cell phones while driving. In a recent survey, 73% of drivers surveyed admitted to using their cell phones while driving. Drivers who use their cell phones while driving are 4x more likely to be in an accident. DWE: Driving While Eating What do you think the Top 10 most dangerous foods to eat in the car are 10 – Chocolate. Whatever you touch gets sticky, driver’s instinctive reactions are to clean in addition to that is distracting. 9 – Soft Drinks. Open containers can cause a lack of driver concentration when spilled.

DWE: Driving While Eating, continued 8 – Jelly in addition to Cream Filled Doughnuts. Drivers become more focused on the messy jelly oozing out than driving. 7 – Fried Chicken. Greasy h in addition to s are a distraction as driver’s try to clean them. Plus, grease is almost impossible to clean off of a steering wheel. Driving While Eating, continued 5 – Hamburgers. Dripping condiments, special sauces in addition to greasy meat drip out of the bun in addition to onto your shirt. The $5 Hamburger becomes $500 – $5,000 worth of repairs. 6 – BBQ. BBQ sauce is messy. Remember: If it drips, don’t eat it while driving. Driving While Eating, continued 4 – Chili. Anything containing chili such as a chili dog is dangerous. Steering chili to your mouth while steering your car requires more dexterity than humans possess. 3 – Tacos. This food can disassemble itself. One good road bump in addition to the seat of your car looks like a salad bar.

Driving While Eating, continued 2 – Hot soups. Eating soup while driving is like attempting a juggling act. 1 – Coffee. Coffee spills are the worst because drivers try to make immediate clean up while still driving. Hot coffee can also cause serious burns that divert a driver’s focus away from the road. Sleepy Driving Sleepy Driving 100,000 reported crashes per year as a result of drowsiness. 1,500 of them result in deaths. 55% of those crashes were caused by drivers under the age of 25. Some states are requiring that sleep deprived drivers that cause accidents that kill someone be charged with vehicular homicide.

Sleepy Driving, continued Fall asleep as long as 2.5 seconds going 70 MPH in addition to you just traveled the length of a football field while sleeping. Being awake as long as 18 hours has the same effect on your driving as being legally drunk. How Tired is Too Tired: Are you at risk as long as a sleepy driving crash Factors to consider. 6 Hours of sleep or less triples your risk. Pull over in addition to take a nap if you: 1. Have trouble keeping your eyes open. 2. Are frequently blinking or yawning. 3. Are feeling restless or irritable. 4. Are having trouble remembering the last few miles you’ve driven. Driving While Impaired

Driving While Impaired 28% of drivers age 15-20 that were in accidents had been drinking. 39% of all fatal crashes involved alcohol. During the last 30 days, 28.5% of high school students admitted to riding in a car driven by someone who had been drinking alcohol. Driving while impaired slows your reaction time. Driving While Impaired continued If you are driving while impaired it can end up on your permanent record. This affects your ability to: Go to college. Receive financial aid or scholarships as long as college. Get a job. Get your own car insurance as an adult. Driving While Impaired continued

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Distracted Driving: Changing the Radio, Talking to your Friends, Putting on Makeup, etc. Driver inattention is the leading factor in crashes. 45% of teen drivers killed in car accidents have a friend in the car with them. Changing the radio, talking to your friends in addition to /or putting on makeup etc. all take your attention off the road. Distraction Activity Can you really pay attention while distracted Let’s find out. Discussion Results – Analysis – Conclusion – How can we become more attentive drivers

Wrap-up Reducing or eliminating as many distractions as possible can reduce your risk of being in a motor vehicle accident. The person calling your cell phone can wait, the radio doesn’t need to be changed until you reach a stop light, your makeup looks great, in addition to you can catch up with your friends when you arrive at your destination. Wrap-up Don’t become a statistic.

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