THE ART OF INFLUENCING OTHERS Credibility Integrity Nurture People

THE ART OF INFLUENCING OTHERS Credibility Integrity Nurture People

THE ART OF INFLUENCING OTHERS Credibility Integrity Nurture People

Lawrence, Star, Freelance Journalist has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal JOBTALKS THE ART OF INFLUENCING OTHERS Indiana University Kelley School of Business C. R in addition to all Powell, Ph.D Contents used in this presentation are adapted from Career Planning Strategies in addition to used with the permission of the author. THE ART OF INFLUENCING OTHERS Your Network Partners What do these people have in common Madonna Bill Gates Mother Theresa Adolf Hitler Pablo Picasso

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Everyone is a person of influence . Even though we have an impact on nearly everyone around us, our level of influence is not the same with everyone There are two basic ways of influencing people . Number 1: REWARDS Number 2: PUNISHMENTS Rewards will work as long as awhile . How much is enough

Fear will also work as long as awhile . People Can Be Influenced If They Think You Can Punish Them Crude reliance on either the lash or the cash is self-defeating- A balanced use of negative in addition to positive rein as long as cements works best

Subtlety enhances the influence of rewards in addition to punishments You act consistently in addition to show credibility You show integrity You have bonded with the person or people you are trying to influence Your Level Of Influence Increases When: Credibility Never Assume People Believe You but be truthful by habit anyway Never Assume People Underst in addition to You but explain things as clearly as you can Downplay Any Benefits To Yourself but be ready to acknowledge the effects of enlightened self-interest Love truth, but pardon error ~ Voltaire Integrity Integrity is not determined by circumstances You are responsible as long as the choices you make Your character is not determined by circumstances Integrity is not based on credentials Character is who we are Character is permanent, credentials are transient Reputation is not integrity Words are cheap, actions have weight Integrity is the essence of everything successful ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Credible behavior in addition to a personal integrity will allow others to trust you The key to successfully influencing people over the long term is winning their trust in addition to bonding with them . Nurture People Show Genuine Concern as long as Others Commit To People Believe In Others Give People Opportunities Accentuate the Positive Don’t criticize, complain about, or condemn people. Do make people feel important Show sincere appreciation Think of other people’s good points – in addition to point them out!

Three Types of People Well- Poisoners: People who discourage others, stomp on creativity in addition to tell people they can’t do it. Lawn-Mowers: People who have good intentions, but are self absorbed Life-Enhancers: People who enrich the lives of others in addition to lift other people up Have Faith In People Most people don’t have faith in themselves, in addition to believe they will fail Most people don’t have someone who has faith in them Most people will do anything to live up to your faith in them If you think you can win, you can win. Faith is necessary to victory. ~ William Hazlitt (1778 – 1830) Always Listen To Other People This Shows Respect And Generates Ideas Listening Builds Loyalty And Increases Knowledge “You can’t hear the song if you don’t listen to the notes ”

Empathy Practice seeing things from the other person’s viewpoint Talk About the things that they desire in addition to enjoy This is an effective strategy because: Each of us spends 95% of our time thinking about ourselves Everyone is interested in the things they want, but few really care about the things you want People aren’t interested in me, they don’t care about you – they’re interested in themselves The most frequently used word – “I” You’re On . Smile! If you have fun meeting people they will have fun meeting you. Remember people’s names!! Names are Unique in addition to Set People Apart A Person’s Name is One of the Most Important Sounds in any Language “ all the world’s a stage, where each must play a part .” How to fail FEAR – People fear what they don’t immediately underst in addition to in addition to this fear hampers their ability to perceive SELF-CENTEREDNESS – People naturally think of their own interests first PROVINCIALISM – The failure to appreciate differences, in addition to recognize in addition to respect everyone’s unique qualities There are three main reasons people fail at underst in addition to ing others: Conquer fear, self-centeredness in addition to provincialism in yourself.

Sympathetic success “Three-fourths of all the people you will ever meet are hungering in addition to thirsting as long as sympathy. Give it to them, in addition to they will love you.” – Dale Carnegie Be sympathetic to the other person’s ideas in addition to desires – Look at things from the other person’s perspective Reach out to others with a strong h in addition to in addition to a soft heart Have a positive attitude about people People of influence navigate as long as others . Show the person their destination Exercise as long as esight to predict in addition to compensate as long as obstacles in the path Show the person what steps to take on the path to their goal Show the person their destination Listen to a person’s aspirations Ask about a person’s desires Help a person define the goals that will achieve these aspirations in addition to desires

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Show the person what steps to take on the path to their goal Define where the person is now Identify the person’s abilities in addition to talents Choose a pragmatic path Exercise as long as esight to predict in addition to compensate as long as obstacles in the path Everybody faces problems Successful people face more obstacles than unsuccessful people Problems provide an opportunity as long as growth People of influence connect with other people . Don’t Take People For Granted – Value People Possess the Attitude That You Can Make a Difference in addition to You Will Be Able To Make A Difference Find the Key to Others’ Lives What is Important to the Person What has the Person Achieved What Does the Person Desire to do Communicate From the Heart Be Genuine, Share From your Heart, in addition to Be Yourself

Important Factors In Influencing Others Show Credibility in addition to Integrity Make People Feel Important See Things From the Other Person’s Viewpoint Nurture People by Showing Genuine Concern as long as Others Have Faith in People Always Listen to Other People Navigate the Path as long as Other People Connect with Others Case Study: Community Greenspace 25 acres up as long as grabs! Housing, Commercial, Recreation, Education, Conservation Park – which will it be How will you influence people in your group How will you influence another group to join your cause Sources Secrets of Power Persuasion, Everything You’ll Need To Get Anything You’ll Ever Want Roger Dawson How to Positively Impact The Lives of Others, Becoming a Person of Influence John C. Maxwell & Jim Dornan The Seven Secrets of Influence Elaina Zucker How To Win Friends & Influence People Dale Carnegie

Evaluation Questions A. Strongly Agree B. Agree C. Disagree D. Strongly Disagree E. Don’t Know 1. I found the presentation of material easy to underst in addition to . 2. This session increased my knowledge on the subject presented. 3. I will be able to use some of the in as long as mation from this session in the future. 4. The presenter was well prepared as long as this session. 5. This presentation should be repeated in future semesters. If you would like to learn more, Career Planning Strategies textbook will supply additional in as long as mation on this topic.

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