The Cali as long as nia Health Interview Survey: A Tool as long as Monitoring Migrant Health This morning’s presentation

The Cali as long as nia Health Interview Survey: A Tool as long as Monitoring Migrant Health This morning’s presentation

The Cali as long as nia Health Interview Survey: A Tool as long as Monitoring Migrant Health This morning’s presentation

Cain, Butler, News Director has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal The Cali as long as nia Health Interview Survey:A Tool as long as Monitoring Migrant HealthDavid Grant, PhDUCLA Center as long as Health Policy ResearchDirector, Cali as long as nia Health Interview SurveyThis morning’s presentationOverview of the Cali as long as nia Health Interview Survey (CHIS)CHIS introductionCHIS methodology & sampleCHIS topics in addition to contentCHIS specific content as long as immigrant health researchAccess to CHIS dataCHIS introductionThe Cali as long as nia Health Interview Survey (CHIS) is Cali as long as nia’s source of state in addition to local population-based health dataCHIS is designed from the ground up to provide easily accessible data that can be used:1. To support decision making at the local level in addition to statewide in public health in addition to health careFor policy analysis, development in addition to advocacyFor State in addition to county surveillance of public health indicatorsFor service in addition to program planning, development, in addition to evaluation2. To underst in addition to in addition to measure health needs in addition to disparities in Cali as long as nia — characterized by ethnic, geographic, age, in addition to social class diversity

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CHIS introductionConducted every other year since 2001 Became a continuous survey in 2011Funded by federal in addition to state health agencies, Cali as long as nia in addition to national foundations, in addition to othersCHIS data is widely used byState agenciesCounty health departmentsAcademic researchers in addition to studentsAdvocacy groups in addition to CBOsMethods: how is CHIS doneLarge, geographically stratified r in addition to om digit dial (RDD) telephone survey designed to provide statistically reliable estimates:1. At the local level as long as counties (adults) in addition to statewide2. For major racial/ethnic groups in addition to many ethnic subgroupsGeographic stratification56 total geographically defined strata2 counties with sub-county strataLos Angeles: 8 Service Planning Areas (SPAs)San Diego: 6 Health Regions39 individual county strata3 grouped county strata containing the 17 smallest countiesMethods: how is CHIS doneTwo separate RDD samples: 1. L in addition to line telephone numbers at stratum level (56 strata) 2. Cellular telephone numbers (since CHIS 2007) at “region” level (7 regions)Ethnic oversamplesKoreans in addition to Vietnamese oversampled in each CHIS cycle through:Geographic targetingSurname list sampleInterviews conducted in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese (Cantonese in addition to M in addition to arin), Korean, in addition to Vietnamese

Methods: how is CHIS doneOne adult selected at r in addition to om in each household, plus children in addition to teens if availableThree separate interviewsAdult (age 18+) ~ 30 to 35 minutesAdolescents (age 12-17) ~ 20 minutesChildren (age 0-11, by adult proxy) ~ 15 minutesProxy responses as long as frail or ill elders (age 65+)CHIS became a “continuous” survey in 2011Previous cycles—intensive data collection ef as long as t as long as 7 to 9 months every other yearContinuous model: steady, less intensive ef as long as t to collect same amount of data (about 48,000 households) over 24 monthsCHIS sampleCHIS sample by cycle in addition to age groupCHIS Topics & Content

What in as long as mation does CHIS collectHealth behaviors, including:Alcohol consumption in addition to binge drinkingTobacco use (past in addition to current)Illegal drug use (teens)Physical activity, dietary intakeCancer screening, flu shot, HIV/STD testing, use of seat belts in addition to bike helmetsHealth conditions:General healthChronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, COPD, etc.Cancer diagnoses in addition to family historyDisabilityWhat in as long as mation does CHIS collectAccess to in addition to use of health care servicesUsual source of careVisits to doctor, ER useHospitalizationsHealth insurance coverage:Current coverageCoverage type (employer-based, private purchase, MediCal, Healthy Families, MediCare)HMO enrollment in addition to plan detailsCoverage past 12 monthsUninsuredReasons as long as lack of coverageMedi-Cal in addition to Healthy Families eligibility (age < 65)Eligibility as long as coverage under ACA (exp in addition to ed Medicaid/Exchange)What in as long as mation does CHIS collectMental healthMental health status, past 30-days in addition to past 12-monthsPerceived need as long as use of mental health servicesUtilization of in addition to barriers to use of mental health servicesOther topics & in as long as mationFood security in addition to hungerPublic program participationGeocoding of households in addition to schoolsSocial relationships in addition to neighborhood conditions (2003)Inter-personal violence (2007 & 2009) in addition to numerous other topics What in as long as mation does CHIS collectRich demographic data, including:Age, sex, race/ethnicity, ethnic origin/ancestry, marital status, sexual orientationCountry of birth, years in US, mother/father’s country of birthLanguage of interview, language/s spoken at home, English proficiencyEmployment status, income, poverty level, educational attainment, Veteran’s statusOther useful content as long as immigrant health researchCommunication with doctor, language concordance, need as long as translatorHealth literacy (in as long as mation from doctor’s office, Rx)Citizenship status (citizen, green card, pending, other)Ability to link adult, teen, in addition to child recordsAccess to CHIS Data & FindingsEasy access to CHIS data & findingsDissemination of data & findings through multiple as long as mats is a hallmark of CHISPublications on the webAskCHIS online query toolData filesPublic useConfidentialMuch more in as long as mation on access to CHIS data at the Wednesday afternoon CHIS workshop Thank you Cain, Butler Alabama Public Radio News Director

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