The Force Of Luck by Rudolfo A. Anaya Answers January 13, 2012 January 17, 2012

The Force Of Luck by Rudolfo A. Anaya Answers January 13, 2012 January 17, 2012

The Force Of Luck by Rudolfo A. Anaya Answers January 13, 2012 January 17, 2012

Smith, Jennifer, Fashion Stylist (Editorial) has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal The Force Of Luck by Rudolfo A. Anaya Folktales Often folktales are told to rein as long as ce the traditions in addition to values of the culture that preserves them. The characters in folktales can be animals, people who have extraordinary powers, or ordinary people who have unusual or seemingly impossible experiences. Text page 599 Literary Elements question 1 in addition to 2 Answers The miller’s story rein as long as ces the values of hard work, honesty, in addition to helping your neighbors. In a more realistic story, the miller would not be robbed by a hawk. He also would not find a diamond in the belly of a fish.

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January 13, 2012 Homework Vocabulary pg 94-95 Grammar quiz Tuesday! Grammar pg 239 Review C Finish Worksheet Do Now Spelling quiz January 17, 2012 Homework Quiz tomorrow Vocabulary pg 95 Literature pg 732 1,2, in addition to 5 Test Monday! Journal 4 Why do you think cats are great at catching rats Write a cat in addition to mouse story. Setting: small village some time in the past Conflict: Two wealthy men are trying to prove whether it is luck or money that makes a man prosperous. Miller is given $200 twice in addition to loses it twice by outside as long as ces, a hawk in addition to his wife selling the jar he hid the money in.

Characters Miller- a good test case as long as two reasons, he is an honest man in addition to he is poor until a series of events occur to change his luck. Two wealthy men- one man believes that it is luck that makes a person prosperous in addition to the other man believes that it is money that makes a person prosperous Miller’s wife- a woman who does not get upset when her husb in addition to loses the money the wealthy man gave him. She accepts that she is poor in addition to has faith that their luck will change someday. She finds a piece of glass in a fish’s belly that changes her family’s life. Fishermen Neighbors- miller’s neighbors who ask to borrow lead to go fishing in addition to in turn gave the miller’s the first fish he caught which held a shinny piece of glass in it’s belly. Jewelers- miller’s other neighbors who were upset about the noise the miller’s children were making over a piece of glass. They soon realized that the piece of glass was actually a diamond. They try to buy it as long as $50.00 but in the end paid $100,000 Servant- servant to the now wealthy miller who opened his own mill shop. The servant is very loyal in addition to honest to his employer. Very much like typical character in a folktale Plot as long as “The Force of Luck” Two wealthy men argue whether it is luck or money that makes a man prosperous. They come across an honest but poor miller in addition to decide to use him to test their theory. The wealthy man gives $200 to the miller to see whether it is luck or money that makes a man prosper. The miller loses the money. The man who believes in money gives him another $200. He loses that, too. Then the man who believes in luck gives the miller a worthless piece of lead. It leads the miller to a valuable diamond that allows him to start his own business in addition to become wealthy. Months later the miller comes across the two men again. Together events happen in addition to all the money turns up. The story ends in addition to the argument is still not resolved. Is it luck or is it money YOU DECIDE!

January 18, 2012 Homework Vocabulary pg 96 Quiz Friday! Literature pg 732 3, 4, 6, in addition to 7 Test on Monday!!!!! Do Now Grammar quiz Literature pg 725 vocabulary preview

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