THE INNER FRAME NARRATIVES Patricia I had plans, as soon as my son graduated fro

THE INNER FRAME NARRATIVES Patricia I had plans, as soon as my son graduated fro

THE INNER FRAME NARRATIVES Patricia I had plans, as soon as my son graduated fro

Foster, Gwen, Music Director/Midday On-Air Host has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal THE INNER FRAME NARRATIVES Patricia I had plans, as soon as my son graduated from high school in addition to move out, I would dedicate my life to art I’m not interested in graduating I’m interested in learning I’ve actually been doing art as long as a long time but now it is really serious [laughter] that’s my doggy he died it’s a way of taking my feelings out getting rid of them that’s what I consider a therapy as long as me I get rid of all my different feelings that I don’t like

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The house is sort of related to him I found out he was having an affair so it’s like, that’s her in addition to that’s me Its like one horse cut in two Yeah! [laughter] And this one is you Of course, I am the head! [laughter]. it’s like you’re coming or going, you just spend the night in addition to your leaving the folds I like the feel of it, it has a mysterious feel one of the things [he] was saying, was that the paintings I have done of Colombian things are the best in addition to I think it is because they are my roots So its like a higher connection Yeah, exactly, a connection with the colours, the people, with the ideas.

I think I have gone back in a circle I started with the body in addition to I went out of it in addition to now I’m going back to the body I realise that is where I start in addition to that is where I am going to finish I like the human body, so basically that is my story This was one of my last ones It is related to going back to Australia Its like, don’t look back just go ahead Rosemary

That’s our farm, in addition to that’s the view from our my kitchen window in addition to its funny but lately I feel that I just want to go home. But I know I can’t That’s just me flying yes I’m a bird escaping from the farm that’s my husb in addition to [laughter] I had just read a magazine article When Good Men Go Bad so I took those words

I have to be careful what I write He wanted me to agree with everything so I didn’t have a voice I couldn’t do the models mouth, so I decided to leave them out. I also got into pottery school he said ‘no. don’t go there, marry me’ Basically we had a very happy married life, we have three beautiful daughters, their lovely girls we’re terribly lucky I feel like I’m just a beginner, scratching the surface when I was [primary] teaching I just got to the stage where I was bored stiff

I wanted to be doing the stuff I was teaching them in addition to now I am I feel totally happy in addition to totally lucky that this place exists because if it didn’t I don’t know what I would have done it’s actually save my life really.

Foster, Gwen KMLE-FM Music Director/Midday On-Air Host

Foster, Gwen Music Director/Midday On-Air Host

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