The Legacy of the War on Poverty: A 50-Year Retrospective Johnson’s War on Poverty Johnson’s War on Poverty

The Legacy of the War on Poverty: A 50-Year Retrospective Johnson’s War on Poverty Johnson’s War on Poverty

The Legacy of the War on Poverty: A 50-Year Retrospective Johnson’s War on Poverty Johnson’s War on Poverty

Branzburg, Jeffrey, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal The Legacy of the War on Poverty: A 50-Year RetrospectiveJohnson’s War on PovertyJohnson declared an “unconditional war on poverty” in his first State of the Union address (Jan. 1964) echoing JFK’s 1960 campaign as long as PresidentL in addition to slide victory in ‘64 + most liberal Congress since New DealJohnson’s War on PovertyGr in addition to ideals“eliminate the paradox of poverty in the midst of plenty”“rehabilitation instead of relief” (JFK) focused on “young”“no doles” (LBJ)L in addition to mark legislationEconomic Opportunity Act, Elementary in addition to Secondary Education Act, Medicare in addition to Medicaid, Civil Rights Act in addition to much more

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Trends in Individual Poverty Rates in addition to Real GDP per Capita, 1959–2003Did the War on Poverty Succeed Johnson’s view “ that bitch of a war [Vietnam] cost me the only woman I ever loved [war on poverty]”Other contemporaries“It was an era that attracted some of the brightest social thinkers in the country but not those with the most well-organized minds. It was an era of great administrative confusion.” ~Robert A. Levine, 1970Did the War on Poverty Succeed “of the Great Society programs, the war on poverty is the most open to criticism. The promises were extreme; the specific remedial actions were untried in addition to untested; the finances were grossly inadequate; the political restructuring was so vulnerable that it had to be radically re as long as med within a few years after the program was launched.” ~Eli Ginzberg in addition to Robert Solow (1974:219)“We fought the War on Poverty in addition to poverty won.” ~Ronald Reagan, State of the Union Address, 1988

What is the Evidence Almost 50 years limited evidence about the effects of many of era’s programsMany claims about the War on Poverty’s success are only loosely related to the era’s broad set of initiativesBut most of the War on Poverty’s programs still existThis Volume’s Objectives(Re)define the War on PovertyWhat are its programs in addition to which are still “with us”Describe programs at their inceptionDescribe programs’ evolution over timeWhat do we know ( in addition to not know) about themHow good is the evidence on programs’ effectsPolicy implicationsResearch agenda as long as interested scholars Key DatesNovember 18 Present abstracts in addition to coordinate contentDecember 2 Submit revised abstract as long as chapterDecember 16 Submit proposal to Russell Sage FoundationMay 2012 Submit paper draftsJune 2012 Conference—present paper to be discussedJuly 2012 Authors receive comments from editorsSept. 5, 2012 Authors submit revised chaptersDec. 1, 2012 Authors receive reviewer commentsJan. 15, 2012 Authors submit revised chapters

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