The Limited, Inc. ? A Hybrid Hybrid Departmentalization Hybrid Designs


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The Limited, Inc. ? A Hybrid Hybrid Departmentalization Hybrid Designs

Bard College, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Hybrid Designs Hybrid Departmentalization All pure divisionalized forms consist of top level divisions based upon product line, technological process, territory Or customer, but are then functionally divided inside each division. Due so that the inherent inflexibility of functional units, very few pure divisionalized forms exist, especially pure functional forms. Most organizations are hybrid forms divided up on multiple bases, so that optimize the performance/environment of each division. The Limited, Inc. ? A Hybrid

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A Hybrid Furniture Manufacturer Why Go Beyond This? Despite the increased flexibility provided by the divisionalized forms over the classic functional form, these designs still are very limited in their ability so that cope alongside environmental uncertainty in addition to change. Many newer in addition to emerging industries require significantly more flexibility in responding so that environmental demands than is provided by these designs. Newer designs, such as project, matrix in addition to horizontal forms have been created in order so that help organizations cope alongside higher rates of change in addition to environmental uncertainty. Project Management/Teams Project Management/Teams is a method of integrating functional, product, process, in addition to geographical groups in organizations. The project manager (PM) is a formal integrator. The PM is an administrative role, in addition to has responsibility in consideration of the entire project. The PM does not have formal authority over team members. Formal authority in consideration of pay raises, hiring, firing, etc. rests alongside the functional departments, who have formal authority over subordinates.

A Project Team Organization The Matrix Structure The matrix design was developed so that find even faster in addition to better ways so that respond so that customer needs. This design groups people in addition to resources in two way simultaneously. The primary difference between this design in addition to product teams is that each employee works in consideration of two or more superiors at the same time, a team manager in addition to a functional manager. The organization design tends so that be flat alongside loose responsibilities in addition to deliberately vague roles. Team membership is not fixed. Members move from team so that team as their skills are needed. Matrix Design

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Advantages of Matrix Design Adapts so that fluctuating work loads Establishes one person as focal point in consideration of all matters pertaining so that an individual project Permits maximum use of limited pool of functional specialists Provides a home base in consideration of functional specialists between projects Makes it possible so that respond so that several environmental sectors simultaneously Disadvantages of Matrix Design Places a premium on teamwork Leads so that possible conflict alongside existence of two separate operating systems Creates possible power struggles between project managers in addition to functional area heads Slows decision making in addition to increases costs in certain instances Promotes narrow management viewpoints

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