The Marketing of Service Thanks to: Psychology of Service & Sales-Building


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The Marketing of Service Thanks to: Psychology of Service & Sales-Building

Eastern Kentucky University, US has reference to this Academic Journal, Psychology of Service & Sales-Building HRT 382 Thanks to: E. Jerome McCarthy, author of ?Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach? William B. Martin, author of ?Quality Service: The Restaurant Manager?s Bible? Raymond J. Goodman, Jr., author of ?The Management of Service in consideration of the Restaurant Manager? The Marketing of Service Marketing Basics Needs Wants Demands (a want backed-up alongside $) Ability & Willingness Product vs. Service

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Satisfaction What is ?perceived value?????? Utility The buyer?s estimate of the product?s capacity so that satisfy their particular need Value What the product offers in consideration of the price Satisfaction The balance between utility in addition to value The most utility per dollar Meeting & Exceeding Expectations Where do they come from? E. Jerome McCarthy, in ?Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach? , popularized ?The 4 Ps? Product Price Place Promotion Maslow?s Hierarchy of Needs (In reverse order & in F&B terms!) Physiological Needs Food, warmth, health, cleanliness Safety Needs Job security, safe working conditions, benefits Social Needs Belonging, acceptance, friendship Psychological Needs Self-esteem, responsibility, status, influence Self-Actualization Interesting work, involvement, achievement

Service Quality – Two Dimensions Procedural The mechanical or systems ?stuff? Convivial Warm & caring service ? emotional ?stuff? Procedural Dimension Accommodation Anticipation Timeliness Organized Flow Communication Customer Feedback Supervision Convivial Dimension Attitude Attentiveness Tone of Voice Body Language Tact Naming Names Guidance Suggestive Selling Problem Solving

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?Hospitality Mentality? It is easy enough so that be pleasant When life flows along like a song, But the person worthwhile Is the person who can smile When everything goes dead wrong. Anonymous Sales-Building A focus on the ?top line? of the financial statement The ultimate goal, of course, is so that drop profit dollars so that the ?bottom line,? but the initial focus is so that increase revenue. Building sales can happen in two BASIC ways – Sales-Building More Guests or More $ per Guest

More Guests To Increase the number of guests Community Marketing (marketing outside the restaurant) In-House Marketing (marketing inside the restaurant; get guests back another time) Increase Hours of Operation (open earlier and/or close later) Add Day Parts (a ?day part? is a meal period) Increase the Average ?Table Turn? Time (more guests per hour) Other? More $ per Guest Increase the amount each guest spends In-House Merchandising Suggestive Selling Up-selling (a style of suggestive selling) Raise Prices Menu Engineering Other? In-House Marketing Possibilities Promotions Mailing or Email Lists ?Bounce Backs? Table Tents Banners Check Presenter (message or inserts) Flyers Posters Special Menus Other?

Suggestive Selling Making a guest aware of an item they might be unaware of Use ?specifics? as you take orders Would anyone care in consideration of a glass of Beringer Chardonnay or, perhaps, a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale? Remember so that save room in consideration of our homemade Fresh Apple Crisp! Up-Selling Upgrading a guest?s order so that a higher quality (and, yes, priced) item For example: If a guest orders a glass of white wine, the server mentions the Chardonnay selection If a guest orders a burger, the server asks, ?Would you like so that top your burger alongside apple wood smoked bacon or a thick slice of sharp cheddar cheese?? Suggestive/Up-Selling The Power of the? Personal Recommendation Presenting your favorite Doing so in a sincere, ?heart-felt? manner When you true personal favorite is also the most expensive, back your opinion up and/or offer other alternatives

Raising Prices This strategy has its? challenges Positive: it is quick Negative: guests, especially frequent diners, notice If you work in consideration of a large organization, you may not be able implement this strategy Menu Engineering The layout in addition to design of the menu The use of bullets, flags, in addition to boxes so that draw attention so that certain items. The the location in addition to placement of items or item categories Branding

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