The Need as long as Cross-Cultural Competence (3C) Overview What is Culture

The Need as long as Cross-Cultural Competence (3C) Overview What is Culture

The Need as long as Cross-Cultural Competence (3C) Overview What is Culture

Sealls, Alan, Meteorologist has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal The Need as long as Cross-Cultural Competence (3C)OverviewWhat is CultureCross-Cultural Competence (3C)Why Underst in addition to ing Culture is ImportantWhat is Culture

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Tylor’s Definition:“ that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, in addition to any other capabilities in addition to habits acquired by man as a member of society.”As applied to areas of the world to be conquered in addition to colonized:We have culture in addition to you don’t!Civilized vs. UncivilizedWhat is CultureEthnocentrists see their culture as best in addition to by default measure all other cultures by their own st in addition to ardCultural Relativists are open to trying to underst in addition to different cultures within the context of that particular culture Thought Question: Can Airmen always be cultural relativistsEthnocentrism vs. Cultural RelativismBuilding our Definition of CultureCulture is a state of mindinvolves affiliationis a toolis made up of domains

Building our Definition of CultureCharacteristics of CultureLearned in addition to sharedSymbolicHolisticInfluences in addition to is influencedSo when we add all this together we get Our DefinitionCulture is the creation, maintenance, in addition to trans as long as mation across generations of semi-shared patterns of meaning, sense-making, affiliation, action, in addition to organization by groups – Air Force Culture in addition to Language CenterWhat is Competence“Having suitable or sufficient skill, knowledge, experience, etc., as long as some purpose; properly qualified.” ~ R in addition to om House Dictionary How do we know someone is competent

AFOQTPhysical Requirements Get Commissioned (USAFA, ROTC, OTS)Underst in addition to ing Competence: Becoming an AF PilotAF Undergraduate Pilot Training (academics) Flight TrainingOperational Aircraft Training in addition to QualificationUnderst in addition to ing Competence: Becoming an AF PilotThe ability to quickly in addition to accurately comprehend, then appropriately in addition to effectively act in a culturally complex environment to achieve the desired effect. But developing 3C is also a processCross-Cultural Competence

Cross-Cultural CompetenceCulture-GeneralKnowing what culture isUnderst in addition to ing foundational concepts of cultureDeveloping basic skills in dealing with different culturesCulture-SpecificBecoming familiar with regionally specific knowledge in addition to language that will orient you to various cultures FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE: Those who have the most cross-cultural competence are the ones who possess knowledge, skills, in addition to attitudes in BOTH of these areas. Why Underst in addition to ing Culture is ImportantIt helps you become “The Other”It is a as long as ce multiplierIt is a means of building stable institutions Being “The Other”When you deploy, you are defined by the natives as “The Other”Usually a very narrow definition: American MilitaryBecoming “The Other”You see yourself as the other person sees you “When two people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each man as he wants to be seen, in addition to each man as he really is.” ~ Michael De SaintamoBut there is also each person as the other sees him or her.OtherHow does this happen

An Example of Being The Other in addition to Becoming The Other: Joining the MilitaryBecoming “The Other”You look at yourself through the native’s cultural lensYou become less ethnocentric in addition to more cultural relativeYou can better adapt your words in addition to actions Culture as a Force Multiplier A capability that, when added to in addition to employed by a combat as long as ce, significantly increases the combat potential of that as long as ceGeographical terrain vs. human terrain“Many h in addition to s make light work”

One of our goals—Assist people caught in conflict to develop stable institutions (e.g., political, social, economic, etc.)US Africa Comm in addition to (AFRICOM): Leverages “relationships between security, development, diplomacy, in addition to prosperity; enables DOD to focus its resources to help African nations, the African Union, in addition to the regional economic communities succeed.”Building Stable Institutions“ we are helping the long-suffering people of that country to build a decent in addition to democratic society ” ~ Former President George W. Bush, Sep 2003Developing in addition to enhancing your 3C abilities will help promote better relations with as long as eign cultures in addition to coalition partners, in addition to will ultimately help you exert positive influence in culturally complex situations“Cross-cultural awareness in addition to sensitivity are basic survival skills as long as almost everyone.” ~ Craig Storti, cross- cultural author in addition to trainerThe Bottom Line on 3CSummaryWhat is CultureCross-Cultural Competence (3C)Why Underst in addition to ing Culture is Important

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