The NSF-Census Research Network: Cornell NodeIntegrated Research Support, Traini

The NSF-Census Research Network: Cornell NodeIntegrated Research Support, Traini

The NSF-Census Research Network: Cornell NodeIntegrated Research Support, Traini

Gibson, Susan, Founder and Publisher has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal The NSF-Census Research Network: Cornell NodeIntegrated Research Support, Training, in addition to Data DocumentationWilliam C. BlockCISERWarren A. BrownCISERJeremy H. WilliamsCISERFlorio O. Arguillas Jr.CISERCornell University has received a $3M NSF-Census Research Network (NCRN) award to improve the documentation in addition to discoverability of both public in addition to restricted data from the federal statistical system. The current internal name as long as this project is the Comprehensive Extensible Data Documentation in addition to Access Repository (CED²AR). The diagram to the right provides a high level architectural overview of the system to be implemented.OverviewProgressFuture WorkAcknowledgementsCarl LagozeUniversity of MichiganCED²ARTechnological infrastructure selectedSystem architecture establishedSeveral major metadata providers chosen as long as initial ingest to repositoryGraphic design staff hired as long as interface in addition to logo developmentFirst iteration of web site designed in Joomla in addition to hosted at CISERDOI’s will be used as long as identifiersTwo papers will be submitted as long as publicationNSF Grant 1131848The CED²AR will be based upon leading metadata st in addition to ards such as the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) in addition to Statistical Data in addition to Metadata eXchange (SDMX) in addition to be flexibly designed to ingest documentation from a variety of source files. It will permit synchronization between the public in addition to confidential instances of the repository. The scholarly community will be able to use the CED²AR as it would a conventional metadata repository, deprived only of the values of certain confidential in as long as mation, but not their metadata. The authorized user, working on the secure Census Bureau network, could use the CED²AR with full in as long as mation in authorized domains. Ongoing technical challenge of efficiently translating in addition to importing disparate data sets into metadata repositoryUser buy-inSemantics of digital object identificationVersioning of metadataImplementation of established designLars VilhuberILRStay In as long as medVisit www.ncrn.cornell.eduProvide input in addition to feedbackSend questions/comments to

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