The Open University in 2010 UK four nations presence The Open University in 2010 Scaleability in the OU Scaleability – Mega-universities

The Open University in 2010 UK four nations presence	 The Open University in 2010 Scaleability in the OU Scaleability – Mega-universities

The Open University in 2010 UK four nations presence The Open University in 2010 Scaleability in the OU Scaleability – Mega-universities

Thompson, Don, Contributing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Emerging Technologies OU perspective on ICT in skills delivery Keith Williams The Open University in 2010 At 40+ officially middle aged Over 2 million students since 1971 200,000+ students each year 40,000 outside UK Network of over 300 UK study centres Part-time remote learners – modules: 10–15 hours a week as long as 32 weeks UK four nations presence The University is funded in Engl in addition to in addition to NI, Wales in addition to Scotl in addition to centres in each nation plus 10 English regions. staffed by Director, student support in addition to administrative staff Staff in these centres are responsible as long as : the practical support in addition to advising of students: learning advisors, tutors the recruitment, training in addition to supervision of 8,000 part-time Associate Lecturers (ALs) face-to-face tutorials, residential schools, examinations in addition to events

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The Open University in 2010 Distributed institution built on scaleability Changed Student Socio Demographic context Technological Legacy Changing markets, Changing competition Scaleability in the OU Tutor Team Central Faculty Reg Acad Student Design in addition to develop course, set assessments exam in addition to marking schemes x20 Recruit, develop in addition to per as long as mance monitor tutors x75 Teach, support in addition to assess students to st in addition to ard procedures x20 Distributed students study to same pattern in addition to st in addition to ards Total 30,000 per faculty Admin Syst Media Design + Production Scaleability – Mega-universities Mega Universities Sir John Daniel circa ’95 Institutions teaching 100,000+ Invest heavily in Content Development Administrative Systems Distribution in addition to Logistics Scaleability delivers high quality at low cost per individual Industrial scale teaching Cost Student Number Conventional Distance Learning

Changed Context in addition to Markets Does the mass market still exist Increased participation in HE reduces market as long as 2nd chancers Increased participation in HE increases market as long as graduate lifelong learners Cost Student Number Conventional Distance Learning Changing Technologies E technologies reduce costs of Content Development Administrative Systems Distribution in addition to Logistics Cross over point at lower student numbers Convergence of Conventional in addition to Distance Learning Cost Student Number Conventional Distance Learning 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 Systems stable DL text led Conv classroom led, some video classroom outreach 1st st in addition to alone PC use in OU course 1st online conferencing in OU course WWW raises profile of text resources 1st Fully online OU course Intro to WWW 11,000 studs pa Distribution of course materials PDFs, quizes etc via VLEs reduces barriers of entry to distance learning as long as conventional univs MIT Open course-ware launched OU selectsMoodle VLE Milestones to convergence Openlearn Facebook i-Tunes U

OU technology policy The Vision: We lead the learning revolution taking innovation to the heart of learning in addition to research. We continuously seek new in addition to better ways to inspire in addition to enable learning. The reality: Knowledge Media Institute in addition to Institute of Educational Technology lead technological in addition to pedagogic research. Mainstream teaching exploits stable, domestically available technologies. Dimensions of flexibility Time Place Resources/Interactivity Classroom teaching +ve -ve What’s needed in the skills in addition to CPD market HEFCE funded study of market potential as long as online CPD Employer in addition to Professional Body membership survey Small blocks of learning ( 20-30 hours max 2-3 credit) Rapid availability, flexible study time Work relevant in addition to instantly applicable Credit not essential but a nice to have extra Acceptance of e-learning but limited experience Access to HE academic staff

Centre as long as Professional Learning in addition to Development Seeks to meet employer dem in addition to as long as both generic in addition to custom programmes exploiting OU course inventory OU systems OU networks Who as long as Practising professionals wishing to extend in addition to update their skills with quality CPD Members of professional bodies that require CPD evidence Staff in organisations which are pursuing organisational development Promotion/job seekers who want to prove their CPD Alumni who want post-qualification career-long learning Practising professionals wishing to extend in addition to update their skills with quality CPD Challenges Flexibility in addition to availability Short online modules Relevance Work based context in addition to activities Scalability Scale up in addition to down Continuity Routes to credit in addition to qualification

Skills Coverage Leadership Skills People Management Project in addition to Programme Management Skills Analysis in addition to Use of Evidence Financial Management Skills Strategic Thinking Skills Communications in addition to Marketing Skills Creative in addition to Problem Solving Skills Key Corporate Skills Change Management Skills Ethical Practice Skills IT Skills Numeracy Skills OU-Housing in addition to Communities Academy Transfer of a face to face workshop based course to online environment Five days of collaborative workshops to be replaced by 5 workplace based sessions supported by remote online facilitator Desktop based conferencing Using the commercial Elluminate system, multiple participants, Audio, video in addition to online chat channels whiteboards, application sharing, breakout rooms etc

OU-Housing in addition to Communities Academy Trial with HCA in addition to Stoke on Trent Council Facilitator led sessions during working hours Challenges: online use of rich picture techniques defaulted to text based post it techniques corporate firewalls advance planning in addition to negotiation needed priority conflict if you’re in the office you can’t be on a course The Executive Reading Group 90% of Professionals report “ Reading” as a Professional Development activity 50% report use of internet as long as discussion with fellow professionals Exec Reading Group based around “must read” books University Guru led Trialled using Elluminate system, synchronous discussion, whiteboard slides as scene setters Flexible in direction, follow on via blog Returns University to academic roots, students at the e-feet of the professor

Working with Employers in addition to SSCs IT Professional Development Programme working with e-skills in addition to major employers 6 modules leading to PG Certificate Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism, working with National Skills Academy –Nuclear in addition to major employers 7 industry defined modules Accessed through company, university in addition to other providers QCF registered qualification through OU Awarding Body

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Flexible user led development Open Educational Resources OER movement provides flexible resources licenced under Creative Commons licencing to allow users to use, modify in addition to share learning resources Open Learn i-Tunes U Openlearn

Openlearn Openlearn Conclusions OU conservative but bold in its use of new technologies The principles of scaleability are under challenge Our resources in addition to capable of supporting a range of novel skill development models We are a networked in addition to networking institution. Innovation is in our life blood

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