The Personal Communities of Older Widowed MenDr Tracy CollinsT.Collins@Sal as long as d.a

The Personal Communities of Older Widowed MenDr Tracy CollinsT.Collins@Sal as long as d.a

The Personal Communities of Older Widowed MenDr Tracy CollinsT.Collins@Sal as long as d.a

Wittig, Ainslee, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal The Personal Communities of Older Widowed MenDr Tracy CollinsT.Collins@Sal as long as research is supported by the Vice-Chancellor’s Early Career Research Scholarship in addition to my mentor Professor Martin Johnson.IntroductionThis poster reports on the personal communities of a group of older widowed men. Although the incidence of widowhood is still greater as long as older women than it is as long as older men, this ratio has decreased over recent years, due in part to the increased life expectancy of men (Hirst in addition to Corden, 2010). However there remains a lack of qualitative research exploring gender differences in terms of the types in addition to characteristics of social relationships in addition to support during the transition (Collins, 2014).MethodsQualitative in-depth interviews were conducted, September 2013-February 2014, with seven older widowers, 71-89 years of age, in the area of North Staf as long as dshire, United Kingdom (UK). Interviews included personal community diagrams to identify the structure of the older men’s social relationships. Data analysis included thematic analysis of interview transcripts in addition to content analysis of personal community diagrams. Personal community diagramInner circle – name people that are very close in addition to important to you Middle in addition to Outer circles – name people that are less close but still important to youFindingsThe study identified four types of personal community among the older widowers, comprising different combinations of family, friends in addition to others. The number of ties included in personal community diagrams ranged from 2-26. Personal community types:Concentrated family: Majority family, family in centre of diagram (3 widowers)Friends in addition to others with family centrality: Majority friends & others, family in centre of diagram (2 widowers)Family in addition to friends with family centrality: Equal number of family in addition to friends, family in centre of diagram (1 widower)Friends only: Only friends in diagram (1 widower)Themes:Personal identity in addition to becoming a widower in late life The majority of the older widowers had been long term carers, many of the men talked about friendships in addition to social connections ending even be as long as e their wives died:‘Your independence has gone you don’t become er a social person anymore, you become introverted we used to go out playing dominoes at least once a week, well that went. And then erm slowly but surely because of the condition, I couldn’t leave her, they obviously didn’t want that sort of erm thrust upon them so so we became isolated’ Continuity in addition to stability in personal communitiesStrong intergenerational ties with family, can provide a tangible thread in addition to purpose during later life widowhood:‘I always go up my son’s on a Saturday morning, yeah, yes, because my son has always played local cricket, I did myself when I was younger, in addition to er the two lads are quite good at it’Discontinuity in addition to change in social relationships The men’s ties with organisations in addition to subsequent friendships tended to be task-focused:‘I’m never in much erm I started doing different things er, joined a veterans club, where I go as long as a couple of hours in the afternoon. I started crown green bowling, which I’d never done be as long as e’Implications Policy makers in addition to practitioners should consider the social needs of long term carers as social isolation in addition to loneliness can begin long be as long as e the death of a spouse.It is also important to consider gender differences in addition to preferences when designing services as long as older people.ReferencesCollins, T. (2014) Remembering the past, looking to the future: Christmas as a symbol of change in later life widowhood. Ageing  in addition to  Society, 34, 9, 1525-1549.Hirst, M. in addition to Corden, A. (2010) Change in living arrangements following death of a partner in Engl in addition to in addition to Wales, 1971-2001. Population Trends, nr 141 Autumn.

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