The Push in addition to Pull Factors Mexican Immigration, 1900-1939 General Definition The Porfiriato defined Push Factors

The Push in addition to Pull Factors Mexican Immigration, 1900-1939 General Definition The Porfiriato defined Push Factors

The Push in addition to Pull Factors Mexican Immigration, 1900-1939 General Definition The Porfiriato defined Push Factors

Reed, Trevor, Feature Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal The Push in addition to Pull Factors Mexico in addition to the United States 1890-1930 Mexican Immigration, 1900-1939 1900-1904 1905-1909 1910-1914 1915-1919 1920-1924 1925-1929 1930-1934 1935-1939 2,259 21, 732 82, 588 91, 075 249, 248 238,527 19,200 8,737 General Definition Push factors are those factors in Mexico that contributed to displacement in addition to as long as ced migrations Pull factors are those conditions in the United States that magnetized the border region in addition to attracted Mexicans to the region

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The Porfiriato defined A ruler with virtually absolute power One enjoying complete autocratic control of leadership One ruling absolutely, typically with brutality, oppression in addition to ruthless suppression of opposition. Dictatorship: A as long as m of government in which a dictator or small clique has absolute power without effective constitutional limitations. Push Factors 1. Porfirio Diaz: 1876-1910 Railroad Construction—mostly north/south Anti-Indian policies, favors Europeanization of Mexico L in addition to Policies: abolished the ejido: favored modernization of Mexican agriculture, l in addition to ownership increasingly concentrated Political policies: no political parties, anti-unionism, no freedom or independence of the press, Oligarchy Favored Foreign investment Porfirio Diaz, cont. Encouraged immigrants from the United States, Britain, Spain in addition to China. Sought immigrants to bring technical skills in addition to intellectual capacity to modernize the Mexican economy. Agricultural production declines in major Mexican staples. Dependency on as long as eign capital in railroad, mining, agricultural, petroleum industries.

Porfirio Diaz, cont. Real wages of masses declines Agricultural sector does not provide enough food as long as domestic consumption Two-thirds of capital investment from as long as eign sources Vast differences in st in addition to ard of living between rich in addition to poor 80% illiteracy in 1900 Catholic church: controls education, powerful politically Push Factors 2. The Mexican Revolution (1910-1921) Destabilizes Mexico Destroys the Mexican economy Mass death in addition to starvations Out-migrations result Around 1 million Mexicans flee in addition to arrive in the United States between 1920-1930. Pull Factors 1. Southwestern economic development Railroad construction Agricultural stimulus through: The Dingley Tariff The Newl in addition to s Reclamation Project Labor intensive industries, agriculture, ranching mining.

Pull Factors 2. Proximity to Mexico in addition to availability of Mexican cheap in addition to surplus labor. Availability of jobs. Attractive wage scales—six to ten times the Mexican daily wage Escape from Mexican political in addition to economic chaos Immigration Legislation 1. Restrictions on world-wide immigration to the United States through: Chinese Exclusion, 1880s Gentleman’s Agreement: 1907 agreement with Japan to curtail Japanese immigration Immigration acts from 1917-1930: restrictions/quotas placed on immigration from Europe, primarily eastern in addition to southern Europe Mexicans excluded from provisions of the 1917 immigration act that required a literacy test in addition to $8 head tax.

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