The Young Modulus The Young Moduls Stress Measuring the Young Modulus

The Young Modulus The Young Moduls Stress Measuring the Young Modulus

The Young Modulus The Young Moduls Stress Measuring the Young Modulus

Weeks, John, Features Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal The Young Modulus Objectives: Define in addition to use the terms stress, strain in addition to Young Modulus Describe an experiment to determine the Young Modulus of a metal wire. The Young Moduls How elastic or stiff a material is Example Steel cables over 1 m in diameter support a suspension bridge. The load of the bridge causes a tensile as long as ce in the cable, setting up a tensile stress. This has the effect of stretching the cable, setting up a tensile strain. In addition to the cable being elastic in addition to strong, it must be stiff. The material property (constant) which tells us how stiff it is within its elastic limit is called the Young Modulus, E, where: E = tensile stress tensile strain Unit: N m-2 or Pascals (Pa)

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Stress Stress = Tensile Force cross sect. area Or, = F/A Units N m-2 or Pascals (Pa) Strain = extension of wire original length No units as it is a ratio Measuring the Young Modulus Method Set up the equipment as shown. Measure the diameter with a micrometer (at 5 places along the wire – then calulate average) Measure the initial length of the test wire Add kilogram masses 1 by one in addition to measure the extension using a vernier calliper (or micrometer scale) Make a table of Tensile Force in addition to extension (make repeat measurements) Analysis Draw a graph of extension against Tensile Force Work out the gradient (e/F) Work out the inverse of the gradient (F/e) Now use the equation: Young Modulus = Stress/Strain to work out the Young Modulus Check with a reference book

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