Topic Maps Talk plan What are Topic Maps What do Topic Maps consist of Some examples

Topic Maps Talk plan What are Topic Maps What do Topic Maps consist of Some examples

Topic Maps Talk plan What are Topic Maps What do Topic Maps consist of Some examples

Fish, Mary, Managing Editor has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Topic Maps Custom viewing of data Ashish Mahabal – SPIE ‘02 Roy Williams George Djorgovski Robert Brunner Talk plan Quick reminder of what Topic Maps are What UCDs are What a UCD Topic Map is Where this is leading us

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What are Topic Maps A semantic network over in addition to in as long as mation pool A configurable data interconnections viewer SQL as long as XML Data Discovery Tool What do Topic Maps consist of Topics (subjects, names, thingies : vertices) Associations between Topics (relationships : edges) Occurrences of Topics in addition to of Associations (incidences) SCOPES! Some examples NGC 4261 is a Topic (of type “galaxy”) Galaxy is a Topic (of type “object”) A “dustlane” is also a topic (more general, of type “galaxy feature”) “NGC 4261 contains a dustlane” is an Association (of type “object-contains-feature”)

NGC 4261 can have multiple occurrences As an elliptical galaxy As a radio galaxy (3C 270) As a dust lane galaxy As an object in ApJ 1995 Mahabal et al. The different Occurrences appear as different Scopes as long as the Topic NGC 4261. Indexing is possible on Scopes making Topic Maps more powerful than RDF Where do UCDs come in Tables Columns Column names St in addition to ardization of column names in tables: 4-tier hierarchy with over 1400 UCDs (CDS) UCD Topic Map: Topics UCDs Tables Column names UCD descriptions Units EXTERNAL LINKS

UCD Topic Map Associations UCD occurs in TABLE UCD corresponds to COLUMN DESCRIPTION UCD in TABLE has units UNIT COLUMN DESCRIPTION occurs in TABLE UCD is associated with UCD DESCRIPTION UCD is parent of UCD (in the hierarchical structure) UCD Topic Map: Occurrences In tables With units External table links MORE EXTERNAL LINKS: plots, joins, histograms, statistics

Topic Map from single Table O(10) UCDs O(10) Column names O(1) Units O(100) Associations O(100) Occurrences The UCD Topic Map uses just the MetaData (the header info) in addition to as long as ms a layer distinct from the data (table) itself

What if 100s of tables are used Several 100 UCDs – perhaps thous in addition to s Many UCDs are repeated – in addition to that is where the plot gets interesting! Which UCDs are repeated in addition to where

Step 1 in data discovery: Which Table(s) does the UCD of MY interest occur in

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What is the UCD Topic Map Multiply connected list of UCDs Multiply connected list of Tables Multiply connected list of Column names Multiply connected list of Units Multiply connected list of {ANY TOPIC YOU HAVE CARED TO DEFINE} within the 100 Tables TM Can I merge this IR column with that Xray column Do both these catalogs talk about extra-galactic objects Or would one be good to dientify galactic contaminants More interesting to go beyond – YOUR OWN CATALOGS + other catalogs

Data discovery is all about asking the right questions! Can I merge Xray in addition to Radio catalogs Which ones Do their units match What are the parameter ranges What is the basic statistics Histogram EXTERNAL LINKS AS TOPICS!

What is out there Ontopia’s omnigator Mondeca Infoloom

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