Tunneling Accelerometers Introduction Concept Microfabrication Microfabrication

Tunneling Accelerometers Introduction Concept Microfabrication Microfabrication www.phwiki.com

Tunneling Accelerometers Introduction Concept Microfabrication Microfabrication

Chandler, Kim, News Reporter has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Tunneling Accelerometers Samantha Cruz Kevin Lee Deepak Ponnavolu ME 381 Final Presentation December 6, 2004 Introduction High sensitivity Low range Applications: Underwater acoustic detection. Seismology Micro-g measurements. Concept Sensor Basics On acceleration, the proof mass moves This changes distance which changes tunneling current Feedback circuit fights to maintain the same tunneling current by changing voltage of electrode The as long as ce required to keep it at the same position is used to figure out acceleration

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Microfabrication Counter-electrode cantilever (a) e- beam evaporation, (b) lithography in addition to ion milling (c) ion milling (d) sacrificial layer (e) masking in addition to metal evaporation (f) cantilever release Microfabrication Tunneling electrode cantilever e- beam evaporation SiO2 deposition in addition to etching SOI removal of back Si, tip mold etched e- beam evaporation mask in addition to ion milling cantilever release Microfabrication

Sensing It = VBexp(Ixtg) Where VB = tunneling bias across electrode gap I = 1.025(Å-1eV-0.5) = height of tunneling barrier xtg = minimum tunneling gap It = tunneling current Feedback Control Feedback Circuit Operational Amplifier controls the tunneling Current High Voltage supply is used to correct as long as change in deflection voltage as long as proper separation of the proof mass in addition to tip drifts slowly over time Noise Correction Equivalent acceleration error ((4kBTo)/(mpQ)) Where, kB = Boltzmann constant T = Temperature o = Resonant frequency of proof mass mp = mass of proof mass Q = Mechanical quality factor

Conclusion Amazing Sensitivity Great range High B in addition to width ONLY FOR APPLICATIONS THAT REQUIRE HIGH SENSITIVITY Questions

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