Two Major Subdivisions Epidermis Stratum Germinativum Stratum Spinosum

Two Major Subdivisions Epidermis Stratum Germinativum Stratum Spinosum

Two Major Subdivisions Epidermis Stratum Germinativum Stratum Spinosum

Glisson, Mike, On-Air Personality has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal Cutaneous Membrane Accessory Structures Made up of all 4 tissue types . Two Major Subdivisions Cutaneous Membrane Epidermis Dermis Hypodermis Accessory Structures Excretory gl in addition to s ()

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Epidermis Type of Epithelium -vascular Different layers (=strata) 4 layers in thin skin 5 layers in thick skin Stratum Germinativum Cell types: Stem cells (basal cells) Melanocytes Merkel cells (touch receptors in hairless skin only) Stratum germinativum = stratum basale Innermost, single layer Stratum Spinosum Stem cell daughter cells (some can still divide) Melanocytes & Langerhans cells Establishment of Desmosomes Stratum spinosum Several cells thick

Stratum Granulosum Cells displaced from stratum spinosum Keratinocytes Production of keratohyalin in addition to keratin fibers Cells start to die. Dehydration leaves interlocked layers of keratin, keratohyalin & PL membranes Stratum granulosum Stratum Lucidum In palms of h in addition to s in addition to soles of feet Cells do not stain well clear (lucid) looking Stratum lucidum Stratum Corneum Many layers of flattened, dead cells, filled with keratin Continually shed in sheaths Water-resistant but not water proof ( insensible perspiration) Relatively dry – advantage Keratinization occurs everywhere except as long as anterior surface of eye Stratum corneum 15-30 layers (much thicker in thick skin)

Thin vs. Thick Skin Up to 6 x thicker Where Average 0.08 mm Rest of body Refers to epidermis Contour of skin surface follows pattern of epidermal ridges. Advantage Unique fingerprints c c Skin Color depends on 3 pigments Hemoglobin (dermal blood supply) Reddish tones Pale, due to Bluish (=), due to Melanin Produced by melanocytes of stratum basale Carotene Obtained from plant foods

Melanocytes Number of melanocytes same in all people, production levels differ ! Function Dermis Papillary layer loose c.t. Reticular layer dense irregular c.t. Papillary Layer Dermal papillae project between epidermal ridges. Consist of Loose c.t. = — Capillaries Tactile receptors M

Reticular Layer Consist of — c.t. + Pacinian corpuscule (deep pressure) Hypodermis 2 other names Indistinct boundary (c.t. fibers interwoven) Made up of Loose c.t. + lots of Function Stabilization of skin while allowing as long as independent movement Clinical Brief: Wrinkles Stretch marks (lineae albicantes) Decubitus Transdermal medication Advantage in addition to disadvantage Examples Hypodermic needles Lines of cleavage

Accessory Structures: Hair Follicles & Hair 5 mio hair/hu body. (98% not on top of head) Three hair types (vellus – intermediate – terminal) Function Hair color Growth cycle Skin Gl in addition to s: 1) Sebaceous Gl in addition to s Holocrine Sebum discharged into hair follicles (lubrication & bactericidal) excessive shampooing leads to dry & brittle hair Sebaceous follicles, = Large sebaceous gl in addition to s, discharge directly to epidermis Where Folliculitis; furuncle (boil); acne 2) Apocrine Sweat Gl in addition to s Have merocrine secretion!! Empty into hair follicle Location: armpits, groin, nipples Viscous, cloudy secretion good nutrient source as long as bacteria (odor !!) Secretion may contain Pheromones Secretion begins at puberty in addition to is stimulated during emotional distress (cold sweat)

3) Merocrine Sweat Gl in addition to s Empty directly onto skin surface Location: most all over body (esp. abundant on palms & soles: ~ 500/cm2) Clear, watery secretion (99% H2O; rest NaCl + some waste products) Sensible perspiration; Function: For purpose of completion: Other integumentary Gl in addition to s: Mammary gl in addition to s: Modified apocrine sweat gl in addition to s Ceruminous gl in addition to s: modified sweat gl in addition to s in — Nails not covered. Skin in addition to Aging Process

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