UC Health Savings Plan What’s new, what’s the same Transition – PPO Networks Resources UC Health Savings Plan

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UC Health Savings Plan What’s new, what’s the same Transition – PPO Networks Resources UC Health Savings Plan

Blaine, Sydney, Executive Producer has reference to this Academic Journal, PHwiki organized this Journal 1 UCSB Human Resources, BenefitsThis presentation is intended as long as communication purposes only. Please see the UCnet website (http://ucnet.universityofcali as long as nia.edu/) in addition to plan documents as long as complete in as long as mation. UC Health Savings Plan11/2016What’s new, what’s the same2PPOs have new administratorsPPO plan designs in addition to benefits are much the sameTransition – PPO Networks3Anthem has been working to reduce disruption Blue Shield in addition to Optum providers have been invited to join the Anthem networkTransition of Care SupportPPO members may request transition-of-care support if they are a continuing member of a PPO plan in addition to are currently receiving medical or behavioral health care from a provider that is not in Anthem’s network. See details on Open Enrollment booklet in addition to website.

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ResourcesAnthem Health GuidesM-F 5:00am – 8:00pm PT844-437-0486www.anthem.com/ca/ucHealthEquityAlways Open866-212-4729www.healthequity.com/uc OptumRxM-F 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m PTwww.optumrx.com/UOCALIF 855-489-0651UC Health Savings PlanCombines high deductible PPO with account to pay out-of-pocket expenses5Medical CoverageAnthem PPOHealth Savings AccountHealthEquity+What’s special about the HSPHigh deductible PPO medical planDeductible in addition to OOPM shared by all family membersMedical, drug in addition to behavioral health expenses apply to deductible in addition to OOPMAdministered by Anthem Blue Cross6

What’s special about the HSPHealth Savings Account (HSA)UC makes an annual contribution to this accountYou may also make pre-tax contributionsYou use the HSA funds to pay medical in addition to other health care expensesMoney in HSA is yours to keepFunds rolloverMay invest fundsAdministered by HealthEquity7How does the plan work8You share % CoinsuranceYou payAnnualDeductibleUse HSA to pay deductible in addition to coinsuranceor save as long as retirementWho is eligible as long as HSAAre you eligible to make contributions to the Health Savings Account 9

May not be in MedicareMay not be enrolled in Medicare A or BDid you enroll in Medicare at age 65Were you automatically enrolled when you signed up as long as a Social Security pension10May not have other coverageMay not be in another medical plan May not be enrolled in a Health Flexible Spending Account (FSA)Must have $0 balance in Health FSA on December 31, 2016 Complete all claims reimbursement by December 31, 201611 in addition to a couple of more rulesMay not be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax returnMust live in US12Consider whether you are eligible as long as the Health Savings Plan

Anthem PPOMedical, drug in addition to behavioral health expenses apply to deductible in addition to OOPMAll family members share a common deductible in addition to OOPM13Medical CoverageAnthem PPOHealth Savings AccountHealthEquity+Anthem PPO – Plan Design14Deductible, Coinsurance, OOPM15Individual (Single)Preferred Providers You can use the UC Contribution to the Health Savings Account to pay part of the deductible.

Deductible, Coinsurance, OOPM16Family (2 or more) Preferred Providers The full family deductible must be met be as long as e plan shares costsYou can use the UC Contribution to the Health Savings Account to pay part of the deductible.Allowed Amount – In NetworkPPO plans negotiate “allowed” rates to process claims.17Allowed Amount – Out of NetworkPPO plans assign “allowed” rates to process claims.18

Claims, EOBs & Bills19You receive servicesYou pay nothing at the time of service as long as in-network careProvider sends claim to AnthemAnthem sends you EOB Explanation of Benefits (EOB) outlines allowed charges, deductible in addition to co-insurance. “This is not a bill”.Provider sends you bill The bill should match the EOB. It should reflect the in-network discount in addition to any payments received from health plan.You pay providerPay with HSA fundsorPay with other fundsPreventive CarePreventive care is covered at 100% with Anthem PPO providersPreventive care includes:Annual well visit in addition to labsWell woman visits in addition to labsPreventive screening testsImmunizationsSee list of preventive services on http://www.anthem.com/ca/uc 20Prescription DrugsThere is no separate drug plan with copaysDrug expenses are applied to the plan in the same way as medical expensesYou pay full cost of medication until you satisfy the deductibleAfter deductible, you pay 20% at preferred pharmacies 21

In-Network ProvidersOut of USWorldwide BlueCard or any provider as long as emergency in addition to urgent care22Anthem Blue Cross Blue Cross Blue ShieldOptumRx23www.optumrx.com/UOCALIF855-489-0651Pharmacy Claims24You go to the pharmacyPay with your HSA debit cardorPay with personal funds in addition to later go to your HealthEquity account online in addition to reimburse yourself (if you have money in the account)Show pharmacist your Anthem ID so you get the OptumRx discount

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Learn more about PPO CostsFair Health Consumerhttp://www.fairhealthconsumer.org/Health Care Blue Bookhttps://www.healthcarebluebook.com/OptumRx – drug costshttp://www.optumrx.com/UOCALIF25Find costs on Anthem WebsiteAfter your Anthem membership is active, you will have access to additional tools.http://www.anthem.com/ca/uc Castlight -Treatment Cost Estimator ToolClaims in addition to plan details26 anthem.com/ca/uc 27Register in 2017

2829Health Saving AccountMedical CoverageAnthem PPO+Health Savings AccountHealthEquityThe Health Savings Account is a separate account that can be used to pay medical in addition to other health expenses. 30Advantages of an HSAHSA funds rollover from year to year; no use it or lose it as with Health FSAYou keep the money even if you change jobs or insurance plansYou may make contributions at any timeContributions have triple tax advantage No Federal taxes on contributions No taxes when funds are usedNo taxes on earnings from investments

Manage your HSA40Claim Summary Screen41Details View claimResolve Pay ProviderReimburse MeClose Pay from HSA account or external checking/savings accountSchedule payment42

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